uh oh i put on!


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3lbs :(

i have had the worst week imaginable with my TOTM, it was so bad i had to go to the doctors!

my leg also has got inflamed again (after some bites i had) so cdc said it must of been mainly water

i am disappointed but as there are reasons for it i am not shocked!
Hi Louisa

You have done fantastic with your losses so far, so please don't let this week get you down. This week will likely be a huge challange for you. When the old chatterbox starts remind yourself why you had the gain, it is probably water retention due to TOTM and your poorly leg. Keep going this week, drink lots of water and next week you will see the benefits.

Have you been measuring yourself??? This is another way of keeping on track when the dastardly scales do this.

Your doing so well Louisa, good luck with the week ahead.

Jazzy xx
Just imagine the loss next week though!!!!!!!!!!!
awww you must be feeling down about it but i agree i reckon its water retention

plus bites can really cause bad allergic reations
when i get bitten i swell up like a balloon

id drink lots of water to flush out the toxins the little blighters have caused

and i agree with ice moose you watch the scales next week bet you'll lose a lot ;)
Hi Liousa hun,pls pls pls dont feel down that u have gained,u have do so amazingly well and u have had a rough time the past week or so with the bites.
The weight gain could be due to a couple of things,possibly the antibiotics or Totm.
Alot of us women suffer from water retention when Totm is due,you said u had really bad Totm, is it not usually bad like this.

Just remind yourself that u r 2 stone nearer your goal weight and how you already look slimmer,sometimes things like this does happen to us women on vlcd diets or normal diets,but next week u will have an amazing weight loss.
Have u measured yourself to see how u r doing inches wise,because remember you are shrinking all the time whilst on vlcd.

Well done to you for staying on track after having such a crappy week or so,u go girl.
Hope ur leg gets better soon,take care and have a nice weekend xxx
Hi Louisa - sorry u've had a small gain this week - probably fluid so just keep plodding and I bet your loss next week will be fab !!!

you've done really well so far...keep up the good work :)

how's your leg now ?? hope it's better....
Hi Louisa,

I know your really disappointed but it's only 3 lb

You will have that and a load more off by next week

Keep going hun and you will reach your Christmas target