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  1. teamshelley

    teamshelley Full Member


    Some of you may remember me from about 2 years ago when I did a diary about my journey with Cambridge Weight Plan (if you don't, look at my profile, the original thread is still there).

    I started at 13.6 in March and got down to 10.12 by May (I think) before coming off plan for a festival. Unfortunately I didn't go back on the plan, I broke up with my ex boyfriend, moved to London, got a new job and ate and drank excessively and have ended up back at square one, 2 years later. I absolutely regret this as there should have been no need for me to back here again!

    I'm now at 13.8 although my measurements seem to be smaller this time.

    I've been back on since Friday and my first weigh in is this Thursday (eek! Only 6 days!). Feeling ok at the moment, forgot about being freezing and weeing so much haha!

    I read through my old diary on here and I absolutely believe I can do it again and make the right steps afterwards to a healthier new me!

    I've also attached my before picture so you can see what we are working with here haha!

    Hopefully some of you will be in the same boat and we can keep each other company :)

    Shelley x

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  3. teamshelley

    teamshelley Full Member

    Well last time I had scales and drove myself crazy weighing myself all the time however this time I don't even own scales. I have to say, I MUCH prefer knowing I am losing weight so I have some bright purple scales on reserve at Argos for £5.99 haha! Going to collect them today. Only 4 days until weigh in.

    Woke up without a headache today which was a first for a loooooong time! Whoop! The water is doing its thing :)
  4. Viita

    Viita Silver Member


    You can definitely do it, just work up those steps & you'll be laughing!

    You'll be at goal in no time!

  5. teamshelley

    teamshelley Full Member

    Thank you! Your losses have been amazing! Well done :) xxx
  6. slimming deb

    slimming deb Full Member

    Hey I'm just re starting , going to consultant today will start tomorrow , we are similar in weight I'm prob about 14 though a little heavier! Stop just because I thought I could control from there big mistake ha ! I hope I have the will power I had last time ! I also weigh most days I know they say not to but I can't resist I have to see how I'm doing ! Good luck x
  7. teamshelley

    teamshelley Full Member

    I just came home with the scales. I definitely need to compare them to my CDC haha! They show a 6lb loss in 3 days which is a bit optimistic even for the first week lol.
  8. slimming deb

    slimming deb Full Member

    You never know could be correct stay positive !!
  9. Viita

    Viita Silver Member

    I lost 11.5lbs in my first week so anything is possible!

    Thank you lovely! :) xoxo
  10. IrishLad92

    IrishLad92 Full Member

    Brill keep it going :) Starting on Fri myself!
  11. slimming deb

    slimming deb Full Member

    Good luck Irish lad !!
  12. teamshelley

    teamshelley Full Member

    Hi All! Sorry have been too busy to get on, but had my first weigh in yesterday after 6 days on plan and was really happy to lose 7lbs and 4 inches - whoop!!! xxx
  13. slimming deb

    slimming deb Full Member

    Well done shells that's a great result x

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