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This is the last time!!
My CDC has emailed me, she is stuck in Turkey on her hols cos of this whole 'no fly' thing with the Volcanic Ash clouds, and currently has no idea as to when she'll be back. I should have only had enough packs to last me through to this Wednesday, but due to me taking a little break in the UK I have a few extras. I really REALLY can't come off the plan again if I run out, it was hard enough getting back on to it after my little break. What can I do?? There are no other CDC's here at all so I can't get any packs from another supplier. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
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I am in the same position, not sure when she will get back, was due to fly back today from Canaries, so she might be OK. I have ordered some packs from Advidlite though, just to be on the safe side x


This is the last time!!
Thanks for your reply. Nice to know I am not the only one! I am still non the wiser as to what to do tho :(

I find it a little disheartening to have almost 60 views of a post asking for help and only one reply. Maybe I just expect too much.
No hun, I just think peeps have a look, but don't know what to say. My CDC is stuck in the Canaries, but she has a friend who is going to do the biz for her, but I have ordered some Avidlite shakes (a lot cheaper too lol) to tie me over x


This is the last time!!
See, I live in Germany as hubby is forces, hence there is no other CDC's round here (well certainly not within our community). I haven't heard of the Avidlite stuff - can get slim fast in the NAAFI so I suppose I could have 2 of those and then a SS+ type evening meal if I need to?
I think I am right in saying slim fast will take you out of ketosis
so in the short term you would be MUCH better having protein foods with green veggies
so a chicken breast with brocolli
low fat cottage cheese with salad
a couple of eggs scrambled for lunch

you should not be hungry in ketosis so that should surfice for a few days with maybe a multi vit thrown in for the nutrients if it becomes longer than a couple of day

from what i can see you've 4 choices.

1) phone CD and ask their advice on the hope that someone can send you some to 'tide you over'.

2) go onto an atkins type plan when your shakes run out to keep you in ketosis.

3) go onto a higher plan so that you don't use up all your shakes.

4) buy some of that avidlite shakes as previously mentioned by poster.
p.s don't use the slim fast things are the carbs as too high and you will most likely come out of ketosis and feel hungry thus making you back at square one.
I was going to say the same thing about trying to get hold of a councellor over to see if they will send you some over, but then it got me thinking if mail to germany was via boat, train or air? Because if its air then that won't work either.... Its crazy in this day and age of something like this happening! Its weird not seeing vapor trails in the sky, nice in a way!


This is the last time!!
Thanks for your replies :) I don't mean to have little paddys but it does get frustrating sometimes!!

Anyways, I had an email from CDC saying that they have been told that they *should* be on a flight on Monday evening, in which case she will post my parcel (already packed up and ready to go bless her for being organised!) on Tuesday, should arrive with me by Thursday, ready for me to run out of packs on Friday lunchtime.....cutting it a bit fine but hopeful that it is gonna work that way.

I didn't realise that the slimfast stuff can knock you out of ketosis, so if all else fails I'll stick to some chicken or quorn with cucumber - and still guzzle the water.

I have an aunt who lives by Heathrow and she was remarking on how lovely and peaceful it is right now!

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