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Im having rather a large problem!

My stomach kills me after every meal, I have really horrendous wind to the point of nearly ringing NHS Direct last weekend, I have very bad Acid Reflux and Indigestion.
Im pretty sure I have food intolerances although I don't know what they are!!! This ALWAYS gets a lot worse when im sticking to SW and having my 1/3rd of Superfree. Im pretty sure its linked in some way to my Latex Allergy, and as both of my parents have IBS im pretty sure its linked. The only problem is, looking at avoidance sheets im asked to avoid A LOT! How can I succeed? Anyone else have problems like this- im sure my Eczema is linked as well as its always flares up when on SW.

Gaviscon doesn't make any difference
Im drinking Peppermint and Fennel Tea which is ok
I tried eating Pineapple but it cuts the inside of my mouth and around it (part of my latex allergy)
Also I can't have apples which are supposed to be good as they flare my Eczema up too :(


Help please?!?! This morning Id put on 2lb and I felt dreadful :(
Ive lost it now after drinking my fennel and peppermint tea but its horrid :(

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hi sweetie i feel for you, i have crohns and i find that i have to have my 1/3 super free across the day as if i bundle it in each meal my tummy is far too painful. I also rely on peppermint tea.

your health is more important than sometimes sticking to the 1/3 sf rule. have you tried to have red days or green days to see what sets you off.

there are different kinds of fibre in each veg, i know i cant have too much lettuce and celery but can have tomato and cucumber for example. Its all trial and error and also i find if i am trying to find which food needs eliminating have the same thing twice in 24 hours and you will find out if you are dodgy with it

good luck hon
I find it's from lack of fibre from wholegrains, the fruit and veg don't bulk the gut enough to move it along iyswim?

Switch up your pasta to wholewheat, brown rice etc....orrr do green and red days x
Hi everyone,

It's usually onions celery tomatoes bananas and kiwis that do me in! Also if I drink over 1/2 of a small glass of Rose wine then I have to have my gaviscon close by! Last time when I drank 2.5 small glasses I woke up at 5 in the morning with chronic indigestion and severe acid reflux!

Obviously I have a problem with acid but food intolerance tests near me are £250.00 if I go to York specialist allergy testing. I've had omeprazole in the past which didn't do much! I worry though as my mum had acid reflux so badly it burnt one of her nerves in her ears which has left her deaf.

I had stir fry for dinner last night ad I felt dreadful through the night and all of this morning. Fizzy water also affects me badly.

Thanks for the advice it will just be a process of elimination!

Hi Ruth

Ugh ugh! Sorry to hear this. I have ibs and had to diagnose and sort myself. I did an elimination diet starting with very plain foods I knew I could eat. Do that for a week , then as I was well I began to introduce foods. It worked well for me.

I agree with others that chasing your doc should be your first step just to get all checked out though.

I have awful IBS & certain foods can trigger severe pains that have landed me in the hospital! If I don't have my medication with me then a heat pack can ease some of the pain & swelling. :(

Have you thought about trying some of the over-the-counter IBS medications? Most of them are muscle relaxers & can be used for period pains as well so they shouldn't cause too many problems :)

People think I'm making excuses when I tell them that I can't eat too many fruits & veggies at once, but it will definitely set my IBS off.

I'd definitely try the process of elimination & see how you feel after each week or so. Give your body plenty of time to adjust. I can no longer tolerate full fat or semi-skimmed milk because of my IBS, it took me a while to figure it out. Other types of dairy are fine though! Lol. It's a right old pain!

Hope you feel better soon x
Thanks for the support everyone and happy Easter!
I have done EE all the way up to this point so I think I'll start an elimination diary and watch what I'm eating today :) I did solely red last time and I remember having the same problems but as I was only on it for 6 weeks I didnt bother to check it out :)

Will let you know how I feel and what I choose :)

Only have stuff in for EE at the minute but will start red/green on Thursday!
I have concluded:
No more pickled onions, gherkins, onions, bacon, quark, potatoes, fizzy water/drinks, chillis/capsicums, bananas, melons, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit, oranges, lemons, ice creams, peaches, kiwis, nectarines and melon. Haha and this is only so far! Beans, all bran and prunes need to go on there too!



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um if you have stuff in for ee then you have stuff in for red and green as ee is a combination of both! good luck with finding out whats up, it sounds horrid xx
um if you have stuff in for ee then you have stuff in for red and green as ee is a combination of both! good luck with finding out whats up, it sounds horrid xx
I was trying to figure it out yesterday as I have all of my meals planned up until Wednesday like Spaghetti Carbonara which I took to work yesterday- I did a green day really yesterday apart from the Bacon in the Carbonara but I had already used a HEB although I suppose I could have had another HEB! :confused:

I have also concluded that Weetabix doesnt like me either!
I feel like an absolute balloon at the minute :(



is getting better at it
i have ibs and went through the process of elimination and cut out all the food stuff that i thought set me off and in the end i still had pain then it dawned on me it was the pepsi max so i stopped drinking that and can now eat most things but cant have full fat milk or much dairy products the yogurts muller lights set me off to i now take colpermin if i have had something that upsets me
i also find that muller lights set off my excema too
How interesting! I stocked up on those as they are 10 for £2 in Morrisons at the minute!!!
Thanks very much! My parents have offered to pay for me to have allergy tests at York Laboratories- not cheap at all £250.00 but if it gets it sorted then I might go for it! The NHS have been terrible with it so far!!!

Woodland Girl- I don't eat bread unless im having a major craving when im on SW but I will give it a go. Im going to cut out dairy and wheat I think. See if it makes a difference!!! Seeing doc on thursday so im gonna see if I can get some omeprazole!

I have just made some superspeed soup and im about to eat it now so it should be interesting if it gets me too!

My mum took me out for lunch today. I had a homemade burger with homemade chips, onion rings and salad. I also had 2 halves of beer. Im really struggling now, almost like im burping acid and I have indigestion. About half an hour after I ate this at lunch I had terrible stomach ache and had to go to the loo which was horrible!!

Maybe it is wheat!!! Beer + Bread + Onion Ring Batter?

Gosh Ruth - just shows what we, (especially me) take for granted!

I was going to suggest the old allergy testing, looks like you have that in hand. SW and dieting can be tricky enough without a whold load more restrictions!

Good luck!

Hi I have crohns and it sounds quite Crohnsy to me I'm afraid- try to push your gp for more tests
It's horrid to feel belly-y so you have my dympathys x
Oh no :( I knew it could be related to my parents both having ibs but I wasn't sure! I had superspeed soup which calmed me down a little. I only put 1 carrot in and no parsnips! However I do have wind and a bubbly tummy now :(
I know this is all probably tmi for most of u so I apologise!!!! Interestingly I've had a cup of tea which has made me feel sick- it normally does! Since I've been watching what I eat ive noticed it more!

Can't wait until the docs on Thursday hopefully get something sorted! This was one of the reasons I left SW in the first place but this time I can't leave as I'm getting myself into a rut and I can't afford to get any bigger! Its already depressing and upsetting me :(

I'm on lates tomorrow and have superspeed soup to take! Will make wise choices regarding my other snacks though! Thanks for the help everyone!

Maximus said:
Gosh Ruth - just shows what we, (especially me) take for granted!

I was going to suggest the old allergy testing, looks like you have that in hand. SW and dieting can be tricky enough without a whold load more restrictions!

Good luck!

I've had pinprick tests at my hospital which included house dustmite cows milk cats dogs 2 types of mould and some others! All negative!!!
I took myself off dairy last year and I made myself I'll for about a week last year! This was done under doctors advice but I rang her up after being exhausted and sick and she told me to go back on it. I immediately felt better.
I've also had 4 tests for diabetes as I have periods every few months where I'm dizzy light headed and my blood sugars are really low apparently I smell like pear drops sweets.

Ugh I'm only 20 years old and I'm failing!


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