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Unable to use Points - Help me please....!

Hi there, I am new to this site but can i just say how wonderful it is ;) I just joined my local WW class on Wed night, I have 27 points a day so I have a lot of weight to shift (prob around 5 stone :cry:) anyway I diverse :rolleyes: I am finding it impossible to eat all those points in one day! Yesterday I had 10 points left over. Is that really bad or okay? Will I still loose weight with that? I figure the less calories I eat during the week I might make up for it at the weekend, or does it not work like that? Please help me im very confused!

Thank you in advance.

A_L x
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I'm in exactly the same boat as you - same points (27) and want to loose the same amoutn of weight. I too joined my WW class on Wednesday...this is a bit spooky!!

I tried eating all my points yesterday but got to about 22 and couldn't event think about eating anything else! I know you're allowed to save points, so yesetrday i banked 2 and wrote the others off! Tbh i'm not sure if not eating your daily allowance disrupts the diet? I too would be interested to find out!!! :)
That is strange isnt it :D Hmm I hope some experienced person comes along soon to answer the question. Crazybecky could you not have banked 4 points? I though that you could bank 4 in a day? :confused:


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Hi :) ... i think you can bank 4 daily ..Im not sure about writing them off but i was always led to believe that if you DONT use your points and eat well under your allowance it can hamper your loss, I am on 23 and when i did it last yr i did a week of eating 17 and lost nothing :( .. so i definatly recomend using them! ..
Its fine to save a few if you know youve got somthing coming up takeway or a bottle of wine you would like to save them for ..

If you have probs using them maybe use high pointed things to accompany meals .. maybe a bit of cheese? or somthing like that ? .. full fat yog instead of low fat? ..

Hope this helps a lil bit xx
Its funny isnt it, i have been dieting for years and it goes against the grain for someone to tell you that you have to eat more to loose weight!! I just have to re-programme my thinking about all this.


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Oh okay, perhaps i should have banked 4 (would mean an extra glass of wine this evening! That's not a bad thing!)
27 points does seem a lot in a day, then again last time i did WW i was about 2 stone lighter and managed to use all of my daily points allowance :)

I'm finding the WW online tracker soooo helpful!! It's helping me monitor what i eat so carefully - they didn't have that resources last time round...and of course this forum is great, it certainly keeps me motivated!! :)
You can bank a max of 4 a day but only if you use them before the end of the week.

Eating 7 - 10 under is really going to mess with your wi results, you may very well find you GAIN. Eating lots less DOES NOT mean a bigger weight loss, in fact it can mean the very opposite.

If youre struggling, why not post your daily menu and we'll see if we can suggest some higher point alternatives, its amazing what a couple of changes can do points wise

Whatever happens you really MUST eat your points.


Green tea advocate!!
Thanks Starlight - i will make sure i try and use all of my points from now on. I'm sure i can find things to nibble on during the day. I'll probably use my 4 points from yesterday tonight.

Just another quick question, what can i expect to loose in the first week? Do people have dramtic weight changes at thier first weigh in?
my leader told me and this other girl to eat all pts as if you dont it can slow it down she said not to go under 4 Im doing fast track and am managing to have 18 was told 20 for my weight I suppose if I had more I WOULD BE STRUGGLING TO HAVE THEM ALL ,WITH WALKING MY DOG AM banking exercise pts so saving them for tomorrow for a few vods or glasses of wine.
Most days I have no prob using all my points (27) today however I still have 11.5 left but going to have something later. I was told by my leader to use them as it may hinder me from losing if I don't eat enough.

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