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"unbalanced" weightloss worry

I was really worried today, as this morning I felt fine, in fact I felt normal - not "ketosis" normal, but NORMAL normal.
I knew that I still had to be in ketosis, as I have not cheated at all, and drank all 4ltrs of water every day. I've not felt cold, and did have some quite bad hunger pangs earlier today.

Still, I went to my Friday meeting, only to find that there was only 2 of us who could make it, so the meeting basically a weigh-in, ketosis check and brief chat.

I definately still am in ketosis, lost 1lb since Wednesday night, making 7lbs (total) in 5 days.
I'm very pleased, but just a teeny bit dissapointed;
6lbs in 3 days then only 1lb in 2 seems very unbalanced to me :confused:
and I even had much more energetic days yesterday and today :confused: :confused:

I think I'm going start doing some extra exercise again, I wanted to be careful and not overdo it, but I think that a little bit won't hurt, and with all the extra energy I'm feeling it'll be good for me in more ways than one :)

The only thing I can think is that on Wednesday I had 1 shake every 2 hours from 4 until 8; perhaps having the shakes that close together was enough to put me out of ketosis for a day?

Or am I just being stupid here, expecting too much of the program/myself, and in fact just should be celebrating that I've lost half a stone in 5 days? :confused:
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Hi Pete

For some, the first week or two, they find themselves all over the place with wieght loss, energy, side effects, etc.

I think you see such a huge loss in the first few days becuase its all the glycogen has been dumped - that is the significant loss....then, it becomes more - normal <?> for lack of the right word.

Having your shakes at any time will not affect ketosis - eating carbsw will for example - but anytime you have your packs is just fine.

You will probably see an amazing total 1st week loss. Its just wierd how it goes -

Don't worry. It's working. :)

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