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under-active thyroid and weight loss

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hi everyone, having a bad day today, although this has not caused me to reach for the crisps thankfully.
I have wondered for a while about my thyroid, but today went to the docs about something and she said she suspects I have an under-active thyroid! So on thursday I have to go back to see the nurse and she will do some bloods on me and then a week later I can go and get the results to find out if I do indeed have an under-active thyroid.
Its just sent me onto a downward spiral...and I am thinking, well if I do I will never lose this weight and will spend the rest of my life as a fattie...and that depresses me no end.....sorry I am waffling today, but I just wish there were someone to talk too...
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I think there is a few peeps with thyroid probs who are losing weight and you've lost 3lbs already. I have an overactive and on quite a high dosage to slow it down but when it was high i was still overweight, Stick with it xx


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Hi Claire,

There was a thread somewhere around this forum about thyroid problems and weightloss. Somepeople believe that once you are on the proper medication that everything should be corrected. However, because your body flucuates, sometimes it's hard to find that level and it will contastly have to be checked.

My mom has Hashimoto's... which is similar to underactive thyroid (same affects) but it's basically her body has developed antibodies to her thyroid and tries to attack it... like it's a virus.. or something like that. My doctor tests me for it every so often because it is hereditary and often doesn't show up until your late 20's or so.

Weightloss with a thyroid problem can be challenging. But it is possible, especially if you are properly medicated for whatever the problem may be. My mom did especially well with low carb diets the last time she tried a diet. However, she didn't do as well as I was doing.... it was slower for her, but was working... and that was discouraging for her. (I'd loose 8 lbs one week and she's only have lost 2)

There's plenty out there on the web to research.. but it will be more helpful to know what type of problem you have... Best of luck! :)

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Hi Claire :) I've got an under active thyroid, have had since I was about 5 years old. As you can see i'm loosing weight at a steady pace :) Hopefully I haven't just jinxed tomorrows WI! lol


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I have Hashimotos and still lost weight.

They say that having an untreated underactive thyroid accounts for a gain of 7-10lbs.

I was gutted :mad: Felt sure I could blame the 8 stone which went on :rolleyes: :D

Anyway, weight loss is very doable, and there's the added benefit of getting free prescriptions thereafter ;)
S: 12st4lb C: 11st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 0st6lb(3.49%)
Thank you everyone...I dont find out if I indeed do have an under-active thyroid until the end of next week, nurse couldnt get me in to do bloods til thursday and then have to wait a week for the results.
Iam not too worried, my nan has an under-active thyroid, so I know that once the meds are sorted you can lead a 'normal' (whatever the hell that is) lifestyle...but was curious about weight loss...pleased to here that you are all doing so well with it...it seems to be quite common...is that right?
Thank you
S: 12st4lb C: 11st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 0st6lb(3.49%)
wow..that many, its more common than you realise.
My mother in law said today, well if you do have it you may as well give up on the diet, as you'll never loose the weight....so now iam determined all the more...whether i do or dont,....i will lose this weight if it damm near kills me....i hate being told I cant do something ;-)...thanks for your help everyone...really helped me, feel lots more positive today ta xx


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Hi there

In my experience you can lose weight with an under active thyroid. I have had a problem with my thyroid for 15 years. I did notice that when dieting I could only get to a certain point but at the time I didn’t think of getting my bloods done. I have found out that the most important thing for me is to ensure that my bloods are checked regularly. Back in 2004 I lost 2 stone for my wedding but that was it no more would shift, no matter what I tried. I just didn’t think to get my bloods done.

My levels were low and a doctor put me on 200mg of thyroxin which was the highest dose but it sent me over active, after having a nervous breakdown and getting my bloods checked regularly it has finally levelled out. It is trial and error they need to check your bloods to make sure you are on the right dose. Unfortunately because I made the mistake of not keeping on top of my blood tests my condition went unnoticed. I thought because my thyroid was over active and they reduced it everything would be fine so I left the blood tests but because they reduced it too much it went to under active again hence the nervous breakdown. It has finally stabilized and now my doctor ensures I get my levels checked regularly (due one now actually lol) so in short expect a little trial and error until they find your right dosage and then keep checking your bloods to ensure it remains controlled.

Once it is controlled i.e. the right dosage that you need you should still be able to lose weight. I must point out though that some people are told that they are okay by the doctor but they are actually what is called borderline. This means basically that you fit the criteria for okay levels but your body still has the unwanted side affect. Just something for you to be aware of but if you find that you do have a thyroid problem and you can't shift the weight after dieting have a chat with your doctor. Ask him are you borderline and if so is there anything else he can do to help your symptoms.

Good luck hun.xx

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