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underactive thyroid gland. Can anyone help?

Hi can anyone help. I think i have a metabolic disorder that is stopping me from losing weight effectively despite trying. I think i may have an underactive thyroid gland and have alot of the common symptoms. I had it checked at the docs last year but it was negative. Has anyone got an underactive thyroid gland here. And has anyone else needed more than one test to confirm this? i'm a bit wary about asking docs again incase they just think i'm using it as an excuse not to lose weight. Currently doing sw and using alli.

Thanks in advance
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What are your symptoms Hun? I say this as having had a negative test, alot of your symptoms could be just the fact that you're overweight. Why are you taking alli? If you're on SW and doing it properly you don't need it. There's a thread somewhere and most people say it doesn't work with SW as you don't have the fat anyway. Save your money! If you follow the plan 100% you WILL lose weight.
Hi yea i did think maybe it was just related to the weight. But i've got difficulty in losing weight, tiredness, dry skin, always cold. i've had tests for pcos too as i have really bad adult acne, excess hair etc. But again negative. Although they did find slight elevated testesterone in one blood test however it normalised next time round.
As for the alli the doctor had suggested taking i as part of a controlled diet. so with slimming world. Although i have to say i don't get oily stools or anything because i'm guessing lack of fat in diet so was wondering myself if its actually making a difference. Although the alli ppl say if you lose 2 pounds by yourself with alli you can lose an extra 1 pound.



Mad old Bat with Attitude
Are you eating enough? You musn't skip meals, and if you cut back on your syns you won't lose either. (I know it's difficult to believe!) If you could post a days menus then we could see if you're missing the mark somewhere.


Slow but sure....
I have an under active thyroid gland, it was detected about 12 years ago after various tests, I take 125 mcgs of Thyroxine every day as well as taking steroids daily too, and I am still losing weight - slowly (about 1lb a week) but I still do have a loss every week.

The only advice I can give you is what I do, and that is to follow the SW diet 100% every week (I do red/green days) and eat as much SF foods as you can, and maybe cut back on your syns, exercise will help you too, although I cannot exercise and I am still slowly losing.

If you are still worried about this, see your GP and ask for another thyroid test, good luck to you. X
Hiya thanks for your words guys. Yes i will post a diary for everyone to see. However it is ramadan at the moment so although i'm sticking to the plan and syns not really eating as much as free foods as possible throught the day etc. As we don't get to eat till about 8.30. and have to wake at 3.30 to eat in the morning. But once ramadan is over i will put a food diary up.



I want to be fitter again
Are you eating enough? You musn't skip meals, and if you cut back on your syns you won't lose either. (I know it's difficult to believe!) If you could post a days menus then we could see if you're missing the mark somewhere.
I have been told by my consultant to have no more than 6 syns a day as I wasn't loosing weight and every time i had over 10 I put on weight. Since doing so I have lost about a pound a week. I still have two stone to go so. For some people syns do have to be reduced. That is where going to image therapy helps as everyone is seen as individuals. x


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I have an underactive thyroid and had a real problem getting it diagnosed. The standard TSH test didn't pick it up so my GP kept telling me there was nothing wrong. I ended up going private and they did an antibody test (to see if you have antibodies attacking your thyroid) and I had LOADS. It just hadn't attacked it enough to show on a TSH test.

Anyway I am now treated by the NHS. My symptoms were being cold all the time, struggling to lose weight (1-2 pounds a week on Cambridge SS+), very tired, low basal body temperature, everything just sloooowwww.

It cost me about £100 for tests etc. Now I feel much better and am losing a bit easier.


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I'm currently being tested for an underactive thyroid, i only went to the GP complaining of a messed up digestive system and a routine blood test brought it up, does the medication help speed up the weight loss then?!


I want to be fitter again
thyroxine will just cause your metabolism to be "normal " so that in itself may aid your digestion and make your body work more effectively xx


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Underactive thyroid runs in my family, and I had myself tested a few years ago and though it was on the slow side of normal, it's "within range" so they don't treat it. I had another test this year because I was convinced my weight gain was due to thyroid. But again, it was within range (though on the slow side again). I was going to the gym regularly too, and really working hard - and though I lost a few inches, I didn't shift an ounce in weight. I was convinced it was my thyroid. The doctor referred me to slimming world... I reluctantly started it, but did follow the plan 100%... and the weight has started falling off. I may well have a sluggish thyroid, but SW still works for me.

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