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Undoing the Christmas damage!

Start weight in Summer was 15st 1lb.
Goal was/is 11st.
Pre-December, I managed to get to 11st 5lbs :D

However, over the last month I've put on 10lbs :rolleyes: I'm not cross with myself in truth; I've had a fabulous month, lots of social events and yummy food. I was eating before December anyway (I'm actually on CD, not lipotrim but did do LT for 8 weeks before changing due to location mainly) so I know I CAN maintain/lose whilst eating, which is positive.

However, I have made the choice to go TFR again to shift the December bulk! I am hopeful that I can get rid of the 10lbs within the first fortnight. I will then be back to 5lbs to go, and if I'm back in the swing of TFR and not finding it too hard going, I may as well stick on it to get to goal - so I might be there by the end of Jan.

I am also starting Zumba classes from tomorrow night, and re-starting regular dance classes on Wednesday nights (having had almost 2 years of not dancing weekly). My young horse has been home a fortnight now and back in work a week, so I am hoping to be riding 3-4 times a week as well.

I have a big party to attend on 12th Feb with approx. 100 friends who I haven't seen since 2nd July - when I was 15st 1lb. Many of them know about my weight loss some have seen photos, but I am really looking forward to shocking them! Some of them I have only met a couple of times (we all 'know' each other from a horse-based forum like this one) so I am hoping they won't even recognise me ;)
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You seem very determined and focused Bren... Good luck hun...x x


Fighting for My Health
Good luck Bren :) I'm sure you'll have the Christmas gain off in no time xx
Good luck Bren! I have no doubt that you will soon lose those pesky pounds and be back on track:D

Will you let me know just how physical the Zumba classes are? My sister wants me to go with her but obviously I need to have the ok from my Surgeon first. I know that I am never allowed to run again but I would love to do something fun rather than just the gym, swimming etc like I usually do......
Good luck Bren... im sure u are looking fab with ur weight loss already.. well done!!

Your young horse will keep u fit.. I have 3 of my own to run after and its a never ending job!

My goal for the meantime is to get through to the 18th of February which is the hunt ball... I want a nice dress to wear this year.. not the tent which I wore to last year's.:eek:
Ooh I have a gorgeous dress that has attended 2 hunt balls in it's life and that is it - I'm going to try and sell it, but I bet it'll be too big for you (by mid-Feb, if not now!) I'm going to long-rein the youngster tomorrow - only in the school, but should burn a few calories!

Had a bit of a fail today - ate some cheese and biscuits :rolleyes: but it could be worse - it could be chocolate! Now I have my chocolate orange shakes again (consultant didn't order any for ages as nobody except me drinks them!) I have absolutely no inclination for sweet stuff - they really satisfy that cravings.

Looking forward to the routine of being back at work - much more diet friendly. Sandra - have you looked into Ceroc? I've danced with loads of people with hip replacements! I'll let you know about Zumba - I'm quite excited!
No, never heard of ceroc but will look it up......just done an hours physio in the pool and have to lie down cos I'm so knackered! Being fit again seems like a long way to go......
Hi Bren.. No I havnt got my dress sorted for the ball yet.. Looking forward to go looking for one though, hopefully at least 2 dress sizes smaller than the one I wore to last year's :) x
Well, riding accident has meant broken ribs and a pause on the weight loss. I'm feeling a bit more mentally geared up for it again though, so today I started back on CD sole source. I decided to let myself have how ever many products I felt like, even if I 'needed' 5! I've had 4 products and am feeling fine. Really positive actually; I have hated sneaking back into the 12-st bracket, and have really noticed that for me, the half stone difference between 11st 7lbs and 12st makes a BIG difference. At 11st 7 I feel 'slim' but at 12st I feel 'overweight'. So mission 1 is get back to 11st 7 ASAP. At that point I may come off CD to see if I can lose the rest another way - I want to stick low carb and the CD products (like the LT products) are actually high in carbs for their weight.
Got on the scales this morning (I know, shouldn't do it after 1 day of TFR!) but have already hopped back into the 11st-bracket at 11st 13lbs, so I'm really pleased. 13lbs to go! And 3 weeks until the big party!

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