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Unexpected side effects...

Long time no see/speak/read/etc. LOL...
I have been away, gained 3 more stones, and am now back more determined than ever-it's getting life threatening for goodness sake!!

Anyhoo... I am on day 4, I think I am in ketosis, but was just wondering if anyone else has experienced these symptoms...(please excuse me if it's all too TMI- am pretending everyone is dr/nurse/CD counsellor!)
1. My wee is still a dark colour-not dramatically dark, just not as clear as I would expect when drinking 4 litres of water...hmmm?
2. I have a slight headache, again, not scary-just vaguely there...is this just detox?
3. I am feeling very vulnerable and weepy. It's not TOTM-just finished...is this some sort of detox too, or am I subconsciencely (sp?) freaking out?!?!?!

Happy to be back-more later!! x
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I never noticed a darker wee, but hopefully as you continue to drink more water it will lighten.

The headaches I definitely got, they were gone by day four but they were a right nightmare.

I got weepy too. I still get it sometimes. It could be the diet... or it could just be that I'm a woman :D


is a naughty girl...
i have stupidly crazy dreams when getting in to ketosis normally about food but last night about going in to labour when i didnt know i was preggers! strange stuff!
Hello Daydreambeliever

I can relate to the headaches and feeling a bit emotional in first week. Not sure re: the urine colour, I can now reflect that mine was quite concentrated before CD as I was lousy at drinking fluids and never drank water so maybe it takes some people a wee while longer (excuse the awful pun) to observe notably clearer output.

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