unit diet food diary


This is how the unit diet food diary goes
Breakfast 2 slices wholemaeal toast 1/2 unit
Marmalade 1/2 unit cup of coffee milk free skimmed

2 slices wholemeal bread 1/2 unit
2 slices haselet 1 unit
coleslaw light 1/2 unit
2 shape satisfaction yoghurts 1 unit 1 banana free

Mid afternoon snack
Take a break kit kat style mint 2 units
Choc mini roll 2 units

Tea large jacket potatoe free
Tin chilli corne carne 4 units

Supper bowl of frosties free

Total units for day 12 should only have 10

2 over wont matter
This is just a sample but i have had this today

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Gold Member
Ive not heard of it at all. It sounds a bit like WW points


Back again!
No I've not heard of it, where does it come from, are you going to a class or doing it yourself?

Hope it works for you anyway :)