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Unjustifed Gain?!?!?!?

Hi everyone, hope you are well. Sorry I haven't been about since Friday, but I've transferred internet providers and the transfer didn't go as smoothly as I'd have liked. :grumble:

Anyway, here's the thing.....got weighed today (week 2 weigh in) and I've gained 3lb!!!!!!! :cry: I have been 100% with the exception of a glucose drink I had to have before a blood test on Friday, which knocked me out of ketosis for 2 days and that's it!

Totally gutted as managed to stay 100% at the pub on Friday (no drink or buffet food) at 2 kiddies parties and a quiz night with alcohol and the biggest ploughmans you've ever seen over the weekend!!! Feels like what's the point right now!! :sigh:

CDC thinks it could either be my TOTM although my cycle is all over the place so couldn't comment, or that I've done too much exercise. :confused:

Feeling really disheartened, although I did lose another inch off my waist. Any support /explainations would be much appreciated.
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Sorry you had a bad weigh in. Congratulations on the inch off your waist though. I'm sure next week will see a big loss, stick with it. x


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Awww Kirsten hun, sorry to hear about the gain. I guess it could be a few things. Like CDC said, TOTM could be due, or it could be muscle gain from exercise (muscle weighing more than fat....) or too much exercise. Have you been drinking enough? Also, could it be due to stress. I know you have a difficult time coming up, your body might not want to play ball. Stress can cause you to hold onto water more than usual.

Keep at it, it will pay off in the end. I'm sure next week you'll lose it again, plus more! Love and hugs x
Im sure it is only water weight. Yes, it can happen evry so often. and totm hormones??? for sure! but you lost inches!!! So isnt that fab!!! Im sure you will see better results next week. DO NOT GIVE IN. You will be fine.


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Stay on track honey, CD will work if you give it a chance... hugs.

Thank you all.

Lisa - Yeah, I did think some of it might be stress related. When I had my medical last week the Doctor said that grief can send your hormones all over the place. I have been drinking the recommended amount but maybe need to up that when I'm doing exercise.


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Defo try and drink a little more when you exercise, your body loses water and salts through sweat so you'll need to take more on board. I really do think the gain could be stress related, especially if your TOTM and hormones are playing about too. I'm amazed and in total awe that you have been able to stick to your diet, so keep on ploughing away at it. You must be so proud hun x
Aaw thanks Hun, has been a really hard food week too. All that got me through was the thought of a good loss :0) In laws here today and that's not helped the stress levels either lol!

Hubbys inquest is tomorrow so just need to get through that then I'm away for 5 days next week so trying to be positive but it's not coming naturally at the mo x


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Keep that thought about the good loss in your head, it will come next week, I promise you ;) I don't think I would cope with my in-laws here, especially if I was going through what you are. I hope it goes okay tomorrow, or at least as well as something like that can.
Thank you, thankfully it's early so I haven't got all day to stress about it x


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Sending you good luck vibes for tomorrow... stay strong.



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Remember, regardless of diet, a woman's weight tends to fluctuate by several pounds every month, and prior to menstruation they retain a lot of water. It's highly possible you did make a loss this month, it's just not showing up on the scales! You still lost an inch off your waist which is brilliant :)

Think about it this way, next time you get a weigh in the water weight you are holding will have gone, and you'll see this weeks worth of weight loss PLUS next week - double the result! :)

Good luck and keep going, you did so well in the first week! :) It will come off, if you look at most people's weight loss signatures they'll have one or two weeks of a gain - but they still manage to lose stones overall! And you can too :)


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Hey just wanted to say sorry you had a little gain this week.. it probably is to do with totm our bodies work in funny ways sometimes.
Hang in there though hon ... It will come off especially if your sticking to it it has too.
Chin up xxx
Chin up weight is just a number you lost the inches thats what counts the most the more inches you lose the quicker you'll squeeze into skinny clothes :) you'l probs do really well next week :D


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dont know what the PP's have said, but my cdc said to always give it 2 weeks.....she has a lady that loses 7lbs every 2 weeks, but one week she can sts and then lose 7lbs the next...or 1 and 6 etc! So see what the scales say next week hun! And an inch off is much better than an inch on!!! Keep going hun!
Aaw thank you all so much. I'm not getting weighed for 2 weeks now cos of my holiday so will divide my next loss (and it will be a bloomin loss!) by 3 to include this week and it will hopefully be a good average. x


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AAAhhhh I can only imagine how you feel. I put on 1/2lb last week and lost only 2.5lb this week and I am gutted. However, I agree about the stress issue in your case. Do not be too hard on yourself. Your mind is maybe trying to concentrate on too many things at the moment. You are doing well so please do not put yourself under too much pressure.
Thank you xxx

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