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unsure of target



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I wouldnt of thought so.

Im 5'10 and im hoping to get down to 10 stone, which will give me a bmi of 20. The chemist said i could do that target but not any lower.
I think if your target is at a good healthy bmi range then what ever your target is should be accepted


I will do this!!!
I think your goal weight should be exactly that...yours. Theres not point doing this diet if at the end of it your not happy. So how as its not too low i cant see the harm in a little less if thats what you want and i doubt they'll stop you when you get to 11st, they might advise you to stop but at the end of the day its your choice. So long as your happy and healthy at the end.


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As long as your BMI isnt below 20 the LT guidelines say thats acceptable!
For 5ft 7 and 11 stone your bmi would be 24.12 which personally i think it a little too close to 25 ..i would not be happy there! Discuss it with the head pharamcist, explain to the you dont want to be un healthy but would prefer a lower healthy bmi even at 10s 5 your bmi would be 22.5 you could go as low as 10st and still be very healthy at a 21 bmi?!?!? once disscussed make sure they write your target on your weight sheet they hold! if not i would switch chemists... you just need to take your weigh in card..explain to them where you would like your target weight to be from the out then there is no complications in the future xxx Good luck


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nic, if i am 5'3" what would weight should i be aiming for to get to a healthy BMI? I don't get all the BMI stuff and you seem to be an expert in it! xx


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C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
LOL I am 5ft 3 too short arent we ...what part of healthy just 25 or lower?


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
5ft 3
10st 1lb is 24.5
10st 2lbs is 25.15


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preferably lower so as i have a few pounds to play around with once i start maintainance. is it really 10 stone? my pharmacy said for me to aim for 12 stone. well trained isn't he!


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oooooh thank u philip an nic. gives me a bit more of a target! maybe it's about time i stopped being so lax and actually get my arse into gear to get to target!!! i have been a good girl a WHOLE week though. are ya proud of me? LOLOL


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Nah 12 stone is far to high!!!! when i was 12 stone i was a size 14-16!!! with a bmi of 30???? thats obese?? stopid chemist..unless he means chunk sized goals?
I am currently 9st 8 and i am a size 10 with a bmi of 23.8...but i still have flobby bits ...


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
Yeah very proud...its soo much easier if you are good xx


on the up lol
I weighed 17st 12lbs at my initial weigh in my chemist said my target should be 11st i thought maybe a little bit more what do you guys think? my height is 5ft 7. Will they make me stop LT at 11st?
im 5ft 6
my chemist wants me to stop when i hit 11 stone bmi would be 24.9
i already told him we shall see, but he not happy :p
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I'm 5'5" and my target is 9 stone 12lb which will give me a BMI of about 23.1. I've told my chemist and she is fine with it but if I change my mind nearer the time I shall tell her. I haven't been that weight since I was at Uni so have no idea whether it will suit me or not.

Keep going until you are happy with your body and as long as it is in the 19-25 healthy bmi range then they will have to lump it!

Good luck.

I am at the mo aiming for 10st 3lb which is half of what i started at..but then when i get there i will aim for 9st 7lbs for now just doing the half on LT will do and i will do the other 10lbs through hard graft and the gym im 5ft 4 so deffo want to be just under 10 at least


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i am 5' 6" nearly 7 and I am aiming to get to 11 stone, currently at just over 15stone but I'm a 14/16 so am thinking if I have 4 stone to lose to get 11 stone what size would I be if I got below 11 stone!!

rainbow brite

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See this is where my pharmacy show how useless they are...

At my initial consultation she asked me how low I wanted to go and as I was a bit unsure of how she'd take it if I said 'as low as I can' I just mumbled a bit and she said 'well it's up to you, you can go as low as you want.' WTF? I know it's probably not what she meant but she made it sound like I can continue on LT 'til I had a BMI of 10!! lol

Haven't discussed my target with them as I know I'll get shouted at but I'll go as low as they'll let me and then do the rest one way or another... Not coming off TFR until I'm at my ultimate goal!!

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