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Unsure what to do re:class...help please!!


Yummy Mummy! xx
I am planning on rejoining SW this week and I CANT WAIT!! My holiday was amazing but I feel huge, bloated and want to 'get back into it' so to speak.

So, there is a class on tonight 2 minutes from my house (I can see it from my bedroom window lol). I went there before and although I lost weight the leader wasnt very insperational, the class is tiny as not many people stay and the leader is very timid and quiet (not that thats a bad thing but she does seem quite shy when talking).

But a new class has opened on a wednesday morning about a 20 minute walk away however I would have to take my 2 year old daughter with me which Im sure is allowed (?).

Basically, what im saying is - should I go for the convience of a class tonight with no children but not a brilliant leader, or wait until wednesday and sign up to the new class but take my daughter with me?

Hmmmm, decisions decisions x
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I think you should go to both - that way you can check class number two and if your daughter is at all disruptive you can leave without missing anything. Your daughter being disruptive is the only reason I can think of that they may not approve of her presence but if you explain beforehand that it is a one off and that you will leave if she is noisy how can they complain? Downside is that you will have to pay twice but it may be worth it if your class number two is a lot more motivational. If it works out - will you have to take your daughter every week - that may be more of a problem eh?
I'd say to go to both! I didnt think you'd have to pay twice though ? Not sure..... at least if you go to both you could compare the two and decide. Well done for getting back to a class :)
You will have to pay twice if you go to both so I would not do that. I would wait until wednesday and go and take your daughter, most daytime leaders expect children. If you find it too hard with your daughter then switch to the evening class.

The other option if you are desperate to get started is to go tonight and then switch to the other class next week.


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do you know if its a different consultant at the new class or not? reason im asking is where i stay the same consultant runs all 3 classes in different locations and also a couple in the surrounding area.....which is the main reason why i dont go to a class as i dont like her:(


Yummy Mummy! xx
Yeah its a different consultant which is why I was thinking of going there and seeing what she is like - a fresh start, fresh consultant etc etc, im just concerned that i will have to take my daughter every week and I like staying to image therapy (dont see the point of paying and going) and also during school holidays I will have my 7 year old as well! maybe I could start a creche in ther ha ha!! x
You won't have to pay twice. You can go along to the group, have the new member talk and sit through the class - then at the end you can decide whether or not to join. If you don't like it then go along to the class on Wednesday. There is no obligation to join on the first night - we've had people come and not join, they said they were trying WW and RC classes that week to see what they wanted to do.

Tell the consultant tonight that you want to see what the class is like before you decide whether to join. You never know, things may have changed since you last went to her group.

Good luck, whatever you decide.
A good point Jay I never thought of that.

Why not mix and match the two groups, you may find there are quite a few little ones at the morning group so go there where you can and then do evenings when you can't.

But the evening group may have increased in size and often the group can be livelier with different people, i think the decidion will come down whether you want some 'me time' at your group so you can concentrate and not be worrying about your daughter.
Ah - I think I was thinking of WW monthly pass (regarding the not paying twice) ! Ooops sorry x
I would go tonight, see how the land lies with regard to how the class is going, and if it hasnt changed much, switch to the weds group the following week. Mind you, the group I go to is about 25 minutes walk away, when there is one ten minutes away which I walk past to go to mine, but I chose the further away one a) So I didnt have as much chance of knowing anyone there and b) it was a good walk for a bit of body magic.


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you could always join the meeting tonight and then next week go to the other meeting instead and see what that ones like then make a decision as to which group will suit you best.
once you join a slimming world group you can then go to any one that suits you best
My 4 year old and 1 year old both come with me. Most of the members love having a chat with them. A few toys and snacks keeps them busy and Boone minds a wee bit of noise!

That being said I do feel I miss out a bit during image therapy as half my brain and one eye is always on them!

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