Up to date news from the conference

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The texts are coming in fast and furious!!
  • Cheese and broccoli soup available from monday onwards:D
  • 200 cal pasta meals for those on 1000 plan or above in new year- Tomato and Mushroom flavours :D

Cheese and Broccoli??? Fantastic!!!!!!

mrs tweedy

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LOL it's remarkable what will get us excited these days eh?! Roll on monday!... pah, I've just remembered my counsellor is away until the 13th so I will have to wait :(


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mmmmmm Cheese and broccoli soup, thats why i fell off the wagon i think as i miss cheese soooo much!

i just got my weeks order from my CDC so if i email her now maybe she can get some for next week


Is it wrong that cheese and broccoli soup is the most exciting thing that's happened to me all week? I may even have sung "cheese, glorious cheeeeeese!" to myself while walking down the stairs to get another &^%$ing bottle of $%^&ing water. :D