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Update from Bigmumma


Havent been on the site for about ten days now so thought I'd update my diary. Its been 18 days now and blimey, feels like 18 months!! Have stuck to it and to be honest some days I'm totally fine with it, but other days its been really tough. I had yesterday off as it was my birthday and all of my family came out for a meal which was such a treat to be able to chew something with flavour! I ordered my meal and what happened? I couldnt eat it!! I hadnt had a third of the dinner and I simply couldnt eat it, I was so full up. I'm a big girl with a big appetite and this was a very alien feeling for me!! So I wasnt as naughty as I'd imagined I would be so I went to bed last night a very happy girl. Back on track today and cant wait until the first 4 weeks are up as this is when I get weighed and I see how much I've lost so far. Got a long way to go but I can really feel I've lost some weight already which is wonderful. I think I need to log onto here more regularly to get some motivation though, I'm not as positive in the head as I was at the beginning. Oh well, I shall update the diary again soon and hope I stay being focused and good!
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I remember about twenty-odd years ago starting the Cambridge Diet. It totalled 330 calories a day back then, three packs a day, none of the variety it offers now.

I stuck to it for a month and lost nearly two stones. I was thrilled! I decided to try a little bit of Christmas dinner as a reward, not much, just a tiny portion. And, like you, I couldn't eat a morsel. My stomach just said NO very loudly. I couldn't face even the teensiest spoonful, so I gave up.

However in the days that followed, having suddenly rediscovered food, I fell off the wagon big time. I think it started with 'one or two' chocolates...

Ah, well!


Thats the problem isnt it, just a nibble here and then a bite there and before you know it you've polished off a section of the fridge! I've found the last couple of days hard again though as I let myself eat on Sunday, even though I didnt eat much it was still real food! Cant do real food until the week break at the end of the month so I shall do my best to be a good bigmumma and see what the outcome is with my end of month weigh-in.
I remember my Mum doing the Cambridge diet roughly around the same time as you mentioned and all I can remember is her being the most miserable I've ever seen her. She lost the weight but then it all went back on again. She never went back to anything like that again and has stuck with a healthy balanced diet which has worked fine for her - pity it hasnt for me! If I'd of listened to my Mother then I wouldnt have 5 stone to shift!!!!:D