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update - maintenance and becoming a CDC

Hi everyone

Well, after my horrendous binging last weekend I have had a good week so far. Haven't been counting the calories again, just being careful and sensible. Went to my friends for dinner on Tuesday evening which always sets me off on abit of a choccie fest but amazingly it didn't happen this week. Also, managed to just have a treat size bag of maltesers and teeny kitkat last night so I was very very pleased. Think I may actually be able to just have " a little of what i fancy" now without it setting me off on a roller coaster of sweetie and choccie cravings. Wow, imagine being able to eat "normally"?!!! Its such a new and fascinating concept for me!

I have avoided the scales in the last few days but i think i have gone up to 9st or possible 9st 1 which isnt too bad. It may be that is where my body is going to want to stabilise. I'll do an official weigh tomorrow and update my ticker then.

Trying to get started with the exercise now as i really haven't done much at all since starting CDC. Been to aerobics today and may try the gym tomorrow. Thinking of starting yoga too. I think exercise will make maintenance so much easier so i know I've got to get into a regular routine.

Seeing my CDC tomorrow to talk about becoming a Counsellor. I really feel that I could help people with the assistance of CD ofcourse and so I'm quite excited about that.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, just wanted to bring you all up to date.

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Hi Jo

It sounds like you're doing really well on your maintenance - well done. You do look totally fantastic by the way :D

I think you'll make a great CDC. I'm hoping to do the same when I hit goal. Note I said WHEN and not IF. :D
Hiya Jodie

I think you'd make a wonderful CDC and it's so lovely to hear you sounding so positive about your maintenance you're doing wonderfully and it really sounds like you've gotten to grips with the reasons you ate like you did. I have a feeling you're going to be VERY successful

Bigs hugs xxxx

ps you look fantastic :)
Thanks everyone xx

Sussex Girl - i like the positivity of "When" and not "If":D if you're in the right frame of mind this diet is SO much easier and you sound like you're in the zone girl!

Nina - thanks hun xx I feel as though I'm getting to grips with the ol' maintenance slowly - you are right that i am learning the triggers and how to deal with them

Sam - thanks hun - i see you are nearly there too - well done xx

Thanks Delli and Becky too xxx

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