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Update on me…

Well I gave up smoking last Tuesday whilst still doing SS. I really thought I could do it. All I seemed to do is binge eat. Resulting in a 6 lbs gain:(

I decided I won't let this beat me so I have temp come off CD. I had this weekend to do whatever I wanted.
All I wanted to do was exercise and this morning I've lost 7lbs… I'm so happy I'm weighing in at 9st bang on. 7lbs to go for goal..

I don't get this. I do sit ups morning and night. I have a LTT and I use that for at least an hour a day. Can I just say this is brilliant I really can see a difference on my inner thighs ( If you were thinking of getting one do!!)

I did 2 three hour walks this weekend and I must say I enjoyed them so much I shall we doing one every week:DI won't lie I am missing the fags I won't lie Zyban isn't curbing my cravings this time:(

Everything seems to be happening at the moment. I also feel like I have lost a few "friends" because they don't agree with CD (these are two girls who I sit next too at work) I don't feel like I've had any support and I'm quite upset with it all.

Am I the only one with the attitude "I'll show you" and show them I will. Oh lordy lord this has turned into a right ramble lol sorry really need to get lots off my chest and I feel only you lovely lot can understand:D
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Well done Fuffa, you have achieved something that is really amazing. Ignore the people who sit next to you, they are just jealous cahs!

Keep up the amazing work, you are dong so well!
Thank you so much I really don't know what I would do without everyone on minimins:)

I just wish they could be happy for me. I would be for them. If I didn't agree with someones choices I would still encourage them.:( aww well I guess not everyone is like that.

Does anyone else want to vent with me? lol xxxxxxx
See my thread on the 'other' forum! lol.
Well done on the loss and the giving up smoking!! That's a massive achievement, to go without fags is a corker especially when in the middle of a diet!! So well done you for taking on such a huge undertaking!! YOU GO GIRL:D bb xx ps Sorry for being a bit thick but is that a Lateral Thigh Trainer!? Wouldn't want to get one then realise you were talking about a Lean Tum Trainer or something similar!!! ;) x
lol Bigley yes it is indeed a lateral thigh trainer you can get them online for about £30 all in with cords and free delivery I highly recommend them if you are actually going to use it lol

That's the thing Fuffa! I have exercise equipment littered around this house!! A glider in the loo, a powerplate doodar in the office (with books on!):eek: but I'm tempted!! Think my OH will go spare tho, so I'll have to hide it!!!;) bb xx
Why do people think its Ok to comment on how you lose weight? Are they struggling with their weight? I really do think that people are jealous, but why do we forgive them for making totally inappropriate comments? If they were making racist comments, but then added on the end 'oh thats just my opinion', would we put up with it? I think not.

Not that I'm saying that people aren't entitled to their own opinion, I'm just saying keep it to yourself if you don't agree, its none of your blimming business!!!!

Sorry, rant over now, just really gets me.

Anyway, well done Fuffa, you are doing amazing. Kicking the cigs is a good thing, its not easy and especially when dieting, but you are going great guns.

Theresa x

PS I once had a LTT, used it twice and gave it away.... kept falling off it :D
lol Bigley get on them and do it!! lol Thankd dancing we will show them:D Thats the fighting attuitude I have today lol xx


I will get to goal .....
OMG !!! 7 lbs loss is fabulous hun!! You are way ahead of me now (I'm currently 9st 5lbs ish)!! The exercise has obviously done wonders for you ;):D. Long may it continue to goal for you chick.



is gonna do it!!
What is wrong with some people? I've had a few people commenting on me doing the CD. But I reacon it's cos they're worried that we're gonna look better then them!
Your doing really well, keep it up!

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