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update on my daughters situation :) :( ?

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Not sure how i feel about this tbh, she has severe behavoural problems, and started puberty (what i thought) when she was 6, she is nearly 9, i pursued an educational physcologist (only way i thought) but her old school just said she is ok so the educational physcologist didnt think there was any need for an assessment! :(

ANYWAY i moved her to a new school, as i moved home (bigger property aswell as away from a sly family who bullied her), and thsi school has no end of complaints about her, and will help in everyway they can, I managed to get a gp to listen to me and agree its not normal for a 6 year old to grow hair where she shouldnt be! and her behaviour got to the stage where i can not take her to leicester with me as she is a danger to my baby :(, and when she is forced to do something she makes it hell! (tryed last yr had to come home as it was hell)

anyway she finally seen consultant in the hospital monday, he doesnt think its puberty as she hasnt any breast tissue, but it is abnormal, he said its either her adrenlin gland (above the kidneys) or her pirtulary (sp) gland in her brain, sh gets headaches too and her beaviour he thinks its more to do with her brain.

she has an xray of her hand (check for growth) and is schedualed for an mri of her brain and an ultrasound of her insides aswell as bloods in september, and he has also passed her on to a colleque (sp) who is a physcologist so no need for the schools :)..

am quite relieved but also worried as hell about it being a tumour :confused:.

ofcourse this isnt doing good with my diet, what with other probs going on too.. i am in w ales for the ne xt 2 weeks oh suppose to be getting a van to move me first week of august but my guts telling me it wont happen (unreliable is not the word for it), she wil be coming up with us for the hole summer hols and i am leaving her to decide weather she stays there or comes bk home to live with my parents, i am not forcing her as she will make life hell!

supposed to be starting college in leicester in september to do level 3 sage and AAT, also had a phone interview for a posisition in alliance and leicester call center, so fingers crossed!

so yeah anyway not a good time for dieting been cheating all weekend up till yesterday, am back on it today (like everyday urgh) need the losses to keep me happy, nothing else to keep me happy ...

hope your all doing better :) thanks for reading
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wow you have a lot going on hun, 4yrs ago my daughter was very poorly( understatement) and I couldnt of done cd at that time, im just posting to wish you all the luck in the world, with getting your daughter sorted and with cd. good luck good luck and good luck hunni.xx


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WOW hun you're having a rough time of it, now wonder the diet has taken a back burner......sounds like been back on the plan would help though, cos if you're like me you like to have controld over something and at the mo it doesn't sound like you have control over alot of the things going on in your life and the diet is one thing you can control.


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I am really sorry to hear about your current problems Amethyst. When it comes to your children it is never really easy. It seems that the docs are doing what they can and so hopefully you will have an answer shortly.

Don't let food comfort you as it never really helps at the end of the day. Try and seek strength from friends and family, you know you can do this!!!

Good luck with it all sweetie :)


please try again
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sorry to hear about your daughter, hope they can help her
will she be under GA or sedation for mri?
my wee girls had one mri under sedation ( was only 5 months so not much chance of her moving ) and will be having one under GA soon.

i have a friend who's little girl has the thing with her pituatry gland, she started growing hair at the age of 18 months
hope they find its something that can be controlled with meds
hi amethyst, so sorry to hear about what your going through.I hope that they will be able to help your girl, my little girl had a mri scan a while back and they only gave her a wee bit of stuff to make her sleepy took her half a hr to fall asleep.thankfully it came back clear.Hun i know how you feel on the diet stuff it just doesnt seem important when you have other things to deal with.today is day one again for me! doing ok so far on 2nd shake!you know where i am if you need me :) xx

becky x
S: 18st0lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.17%)
awe thanks guys, she will be awake for it, i have had one done and been telling her how cool it was! (it wasnt) .. for her bloods they will numb her arm (why couldnt they do that for me).. i hate needles!

the worst past or yesterday was her examination, i told her the worst is over with. She was up really late lastnight, crying she had a bad belly and headache (made up) so i pretended to give her paracetomol and it all went away within 5 mins (lol). She wanted to sleep with mummy, but i didnt let her. (feel bad).

i feel like getting drunk, and i dont drink (dont like the feeling out of control), drank for the first time friday night when i was in leic with oh and i got drunk i loved it, and i just feel like getting a few bottles of wine in to chill out with! but i am not cus i may turn to it alot more.

i am goign to do this diet, only thing that makes me happy is seeing the scales moving :(

having second pack at 5 :) i will have some chicken and celery later on too, starting with ss+ till i am in ketosis :)



is gonna shine in 2009
S: 19st2lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 5st9lb(29.48%)
Good luck hun you can do it and hope the day goes as easy as poss for your daughter and yourself x
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Good luck Amethyst to you and your daughter!!! Hope it soon gets sorted for her x

Love Nas x


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good luck and be strong.
god bless you your daughter and your family. xx


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Thinking of you both and hoping that all will be well.

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