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  1. 4busybee

    4busybee Full Member

    OK so I Loved the cappucino shake, hated the spicy tomato soup, managed to drink it but have to say it was a chore. Anyway hoping that the mint choc will be yummy, drunk all the water needed. So far so good, day 1 down.

    Love Busy XX
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  3. demon

    demon Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    I'm with you on the tomato soup busy.............absolutely yuk [​IMG] Love the new oriental one though..............and those bars...............choc orange yummy, yum, yum :D :D :D :D
  4. Jelly belly

    Jelly belly Member

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    I hated the tomato soup too, couldn't stomach the taste or smell of the Oriental Chilli but do like the vegetable and the cicken and mushroom.

    I like all of the shakes but the T&W is not my favourite and love the bars.

    Well done on completing day 1, your well on your way.
  5. Slim at heart

    Slim at heart Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!

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    Ooooh I hated the cappacino shake, actually made me sick & really like the tomato... well it's ok, a bit sweet but nice enough!

    Just goes to show- different horses & all that!!

    My CDC hasn't got the toffee & walnutt flavor & also can't get the water plavs in Ireland which I would so love to have...
  6. jack29

    jack29 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Love the tomato soup and hate the Chilli one!

    Slim at heart, would you like me to get you the water flavouring? I could always post it to you?
  7. Wobbly

    Wobbly Full Member

    I put some curry powder (read on here that it's okay??) in the spicy tom one, and then it was more like a tomatoey curry - have got trillions of them though, as thought it would be the best one, so had to do something!

    And helps as I walk past a curry restuarant every day. At least twice!
  8. boofaloo

    boofaloo Gold Member

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    Glad day 1 has gone well for you.
    Have to say i like the spicy tomato :)

    keep up the good work - hope day 2 goes as well.
  9. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    Its odd because my old CDC could get everything, she was in 'the know' :cool:

    True tho - my ma cant get the mix a mousse - or bouillion or water flavours either...

  10. bluemoon

    bluemoon Silver Member

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    well done on getting thru day one. keep up the great work xx
  11. RacieTracie

    RacieTracie Full Member

    what i do with the choc mint, is to have it hot, but i put a peppermint tea bag in the water and then i add it to the chocmint pack, it makes it so much more minty.

    could do it cold i suppose with the peppermint tea bag also.

    i dont know if there is anyone else out there that doesnt like the shakes. i hate "cold" so i tend to choose 14 soups and 7 bars,

    i dont actually get any other flavours other than chick and mush soup, choc mint and the bars!!
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