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update :(

Right. In 6 weeks I have lost 2 stone. In the last week and a half since the day i started my new job i have been completely messing about. Sticking to it fine in day and then most nights-not all- am eating. Tomorrow it is 2 weeks til i go on holiday and if i carry on like this i wont fit in to any of the clothes i spent a fortune on last week. Unbelievably i have not gained anything i have just stayed the same. I am at 16s 5lb and my target is to be below 16st by 15th of June. I know i can do this. what is wrong with me? as of tomorrow i am hiding the scales and not stepping on every day. i just need to get my act together! i dont even feel hungry wen im eating!! Anyway sorry to ramble, just thought i'd let u know how things r or are not going! Soz not posted as often as i usually do but after i come in from work and eat i seem to fall asleep! its like i suddenly have no energy!!! help any1!!
2 moro is the day i will turn this all around!!!!!
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I think the 'boredom' sets in so we pick. It is hard, but you just need to get your head in the right place and your body will follow. Think about all the reasons you started this crazy diet, pat yourself on the back for how well you've done and crack on with losing the weight. You've got a holiday coming up, and you've got to look fabby for that!


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you've done amazingly well so far, remember why you started this journey in the first place and good luck for getting back on it tomorrow. i know you can do it xx
thanku so much, i do finally feel as though my head is in the right place. im not seeing this as a restart as i think that might make it harder, just had a bad few weeks and now MUST get back on track!
thanku for ur support as always xxx


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get yourself back into the zone, if you do then you could be saying goodbye to another 10lbs before your holiday comes around.


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You CAN do this Lisa, your results prove you can do it!


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Ok, so you've had a couple of bad weeks, we are human after all. Put it behind you and from tomorrow go back to your 3 shakes. Keep your motivation at the front of your mind anytime you feel yourself waver.
You've done fantastically and remember you deserve to be slim.
If you ever need a chat just PM me i'm usually around and about. X


soon to be minnie mouse
you know what it feels like carrying a basket of shopping around the supermarket don't you, well think of it like this, you could be dumping the loaded basket and doing your back a favour.
COME ON LISA !!! you have done so well so far .....focus on where you want to be, remember why you started this crazeee diet in the first place....and GO FOR IT !!!

you CAN do this - your results so far PROVE that....don't think about how far you have to go...just focus on getting into the next number down....and you'll be there before you know it !

keep us posted !

lotsa love

Debz xxx
hi lisa, we have all been there. since i cam back from my hoils my weight has been all over the place and now finally after last week im back to it thanks to everyone on here. You are doing really well and have lost lots so far, start tomorrow and keep your hoilday in mind come on here if you need to chat whatever just to keep you busy and that

becky xxx

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