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UPDATED: before and during!

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Strong women stay slim
wow , see its worth giving the sperm up for hehe . but really you can see a huge difference
wow , see its worth giving the sperm up for hehe . but really you can see a huge difference

Your looking really good chick! :) keep up the hard work!! xx

P.S we both have 72lbs to go!!! heres to us!! :)
wow , see its worth giving the sperm up for hehe . but really you can see a huge difference
hahahaha!!! best comment ever :D

thanks Beth! we can do it! slim by summer :) :) xx


Strong women stay slim
see dieting doesn't have to be dull on here lol.
think i've got about 80 pounds to go , not touching the scales at the moe , but i'll guess we will all be here for some months yet . good luck girls


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Wow, you can really see the difference!!
Well done :) xxx
wow :) I'm quite new, and loving looking at everybodys pic. You really can see such a big difference, and it's such an inspiration!!
Well done, stick at it! Hope I can follow in your footsteps!
Jen x
awww thanks guys :D
thank you!!!
update :)


this time - the last time
Wow. You look so different.

How much more are you hoping to lose?
thank you! well I'm still obese :S so I need to lose another 3 and a half stone to get to 'healthy' BMI, and ideally I'd be closer to the middle of healthy and not at the very top end, (I know BMI isn't be all and end all, but it would just be nice!) so I'd like to lose about 4 and a half stone more really. I know it looks like a bit much, but I still can't fit in anything smaller than a size 16 believe it or not, and I'd like to be in size 10's by the end of this! xx
You look great and real inspiration as I'm in very similar position...it's funny how just a few ponds can make a massive inch loss? You look lovely in that last pic well done ;)
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Thank you so much! :D yeah its nuts isn't it - just shows that you should never be disheartened when your weight loss slows down a bit and stuff as it's still coming off in inches! Sometimes she measures me and I haven't even lost inches, but she only measures certain parts of me, so it's obviously coming off in the random bits she can't really measure like calves and face and stuff!
Hi! I have similar stats to you, and by the time i start cd i'll prob be at the very top end of the 16's xxx your doing so well...how do you keep focused??? x
thanks! well the first 9 or 10 weeks i was just on a roll and didn't even want to eat, but then i had a dodgy 3 weeks where i ate everything and it was so hard to get the focus back, but i have now!

i think looking at how far i've got to go and the fact that although i feel fine, i'm still obese, encourages me to do it! and looking at all the gorgeous summer clothes i am going to buy and be able to wear when i'm size 10/12! (hopefully i'll get there before summer is over!)

good luck! xx

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