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Hi there,

found this site when i was googling

My name is nicola im 27 and have 3 children and am married and 3 weeks ago i decided that my life needs to change, i weigh(ed) 19 1/2 stone then and in the 3 weeks since i started watching what i eat and doing exercise iv lost 8lbs.

the main reason for me wanting to lose my whopping 9 stone now is my children, i dont want to be going into the school and there friends saying things to them about there mums butt or belly (you know what kids are like)

Also my hubby is in the army and when it goes away anywhere i get so worried im gonna die because of my weight and my kids will find me, its my fear!!

hubby is off to afghan next feb so i want to shift as much as possible before then, and then once he gets back he will come home to a dishy wife instead of me being a few lbs heavier due to comfort eating

so thats me and i really hope to get to know some of your on my (our) journey

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Well done you have made a great start. Children are a great incentive aren't they? Mine are all grown up - but one of my motivations for losing weight is I worry my daughter will decide to get married and I will embarrass her in front of the inlaws. (and if I'm honest in front of my ex!)
kids are aint they.. hey and just think.. you will be able to show of your smashing body to your ex when the time comes teehee


size 14 here I come
Hi Nic and welcome, wish you loads of luck, its hard but we will get there!! :) x
Had my 4th weigh in this morning, another 2 lb gone... im really pleased that im sticking to my 2/3 lb loss a week, nice and easy is the way to go :), hopefully in the next 2 weeks i should hit my 1st mini goal yay


size 14 here I come
WELL DONE :D keep it up. x
ok so its been about a month since iv updated in here so thought id better do it now while im thinking about it

so everything has been going really well. im now on week 9 and down 22lbs, weigh in today and lost 4lbs which was awesome.. iv just started on xenical which im hoping thats helped this week but ill see how next week goes 1st before blaming it all on xenical lol.. anyway im off again, and will really try to rememer to check in here more often
well done on fab losses you're really on your way :D
wow its been ages since i updated in here, was reading through my old posts, alot has happened, Im now at 46lbs lost, had a few months where i kinda went off the rails about december with xmas and partys ect, and january as i was in a low place due to my other half going off to afghanistan, anyway hes been there 9 weeks nearly and we have 8 left till hes home, iv set a goal of 35lbs to lose before he gets back, so far iv lost 13lbs so im a little behind but to be honest now ill be happy with any loss while hes away, if i can get 1/1/2 -2st that will be brill, more fantasic but im not going to be hard on myself if i dont hit that goal
Anyway im off again and will remember to update here more often
Oh and i also stoped taking the xanical about 2 weeks after starting it lol.. was losing the same weight i was when i wasnt on them, bloody rubbish haha


size 14 here I come
Wow well done you!! jealous! lol keep it up hun, your doing fantastic, bet your feeling great :D x
Wow well done you!! jealous! lol keep it up hun, your doing fantastic, bet your feeling great :D x
oh yeah im feeling amazing, this is the best thing i have ever done for myself, cant wait to get the rest shifted and really get my life going, although even with the 46lbs gone its getting better by the day xx

good luck with the weight loss, those are great incentives to keep you motivated!
yes very good incentives, if not for my children and myself i wouldnt have got this far x


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its such a positive role for kids to see people fighting to change things and take control of their lives.
just bask in the fact that you're awesome for a few mins and keep pushing forwards :D

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