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Upset & Crying...

I dont post often on this board, but today I badly need support from you all.

I have been a member of this forum since 2009 constantly trying to battle my weight out. I have tried about 3 times and have given up within a couple of weeks. I will join a challenge, then fall off the wagon and disappear. I think that is something I should not do, falling of the wagon and not coming to the forum gave me the convenience of forgetting my weight issues!

This is my 4th time and I have been managed for the past 32 days. I have lost 15 lbs so far. My husband is very supportive, but today we've had arguments all day long and for supper he is making one of my favourites. He even came and asked me if I was sure I dint want to eat about 2 or 3 times. I just started crying but I dont want to eat also?! OH asked me to ditch the diet for one day and said he'll cook it, but I firmly said No, took my tetra and laptop and came back straight to bed.. Im just so strongly aware that if I lose just 3 lbs more, I would go into the healthy bmi range.

Has anyone felt like this before, dont want to eat but you cry over it? My head is strongly focussed on the goal but still crying over food.. Am feeling so low..:cry:
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You are so close to your target. Does your OH think you have lost enough and this is his way of saying it?

Only you and your Cambridge counsellor know when you have lost enough and need to move up the plans. So have a chat with your counsellor

Irene xx
(((Hugs))) Well done on your loss so far you have done brilliantly. I do think Hubby is being unfair although I know you say he is supportive. I think you're upset with the argument with your Hubby not because of the food, as you said you don't want to eat. Keep those 3lbs firmly in your mind hun and hang out on here for a while - hope you feel better soon xx
hugs sweetie ive been in situations like this before.... OH at the time had ordered a chinese... I simply asked him if it was nice and he snapped back "you know what chinese tastes like?" I cried lol!! Its can be a very emotional diet xxx
Aww ((((hugs))))...... sorry to hear you're feeling so low.
You've done so well with your current weightloss and your BMI is in the right range so that maybe you ought to talk through this with your CWP counsellor and move up the plans now :)
I've read, many times, that moving up the plans actually speeds up weight loss (especially when you're close to your goal weight). Don't get so fixated on that magic BMI figure- it's more about how you look and the way that makes you feel inside. With that amount of weight loss so far, you really should be proud of what you've achieved and let up on yourself a teensy bit :)


Likes to eat
YES I know EXACTLY how you feel hun.

Last night my mum made my favourite, chilli, with ALL the trimmings - salsa, guacamole, cheese, tacos, sour cream. EVERYTHING. I was getting my shake, and my sister and her friend asked me to sit with them, I said "No thanks, I'd rather not be around food" - they're both familiar with how Cambridge works, her friend's boyfriend did it himself, and her friend basically grabbed me and sat me down next to him so he could have a bit of a chat with me. I eventually made my excuses, went up to my room, and cried!!!
Thanks for all your responses and support guys.

As Sharon has said, its probably more due to the arguments I had with OH rather than the food itself.

I spoke with OH today and asked him if he thinks I should stop now. He immediately hugged me ;), he wants me to continue until I get the the weight I have set as my goal. Yday he thought that I just need a break. I'll wait till I get into the healthy bmi range and then will consider if I need an evening's break.

I am losing 2-4lbs so far every week, when it slows down or when Im happy with how I look, I will go up the plans :)
:confused: You have to move up when you reach bmi of 25?! Ow, I dint know that. Is it really a must to move up the plans or is it dependant on ur consultant?

If possible I would like to continue in SS until am a stone away from my goal and then move up the plans..

Will have to see what my consultant says.. how are you guys planning to move up the programme? Would be useful if you can give me an idea on how you plan to do it, how much time on each plan, etc..
I believe that officially you have to move up the plans when you reach a BMI of 25, but unofficially may be a different story. ;)

Unless things have changed, the older booklet states 1 week minimum for 810 and then 2 weeks for the steps above it. I would say that more time spent on moving up the steps would be a huge benefit. Learning more about calorie control and portion size is vital for being able to maintain. But it really depends on how it fits in to each persons life.

It also depends on how much weight each individual loses on each step. Some people have good loses on the 1200 step, so if you leave moving up the steps a little too late and do still have good losses, it might take you to a much lower weight than you want to go, which will mean wanting to move up the steps as quickly as possible.

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