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URGENT Coping mechanism help

some please help i desperately need suggestions for alternative coping mechanisms!
i've lost the plot and had chocolate twice this week now the first time cos i was in pain and tonight cos my huband is being a pillock and he stressed me out!
there has to be another way!!!
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Go for a walk or bath! Get a book out u can do it! I work in a sweet shop at the weekend am have managed not to eat anything but I would drink 3ltrs off water in the 5hrs I am there!! It will get easier!


dunno i just tune out when im lookin at food or cookin it etc.... my brain has really just checked out where food is concerned... heading campin with 28 kids next weekend and im gonna cook for them the whole weekend... but i just hang on to the thoughts this is not for ever.... its for 12 weeks (for me anyway) and as someone on here said the 12 weeks are gonna pass anyway so why not lose some fab weight with them..... i think if you stay 100% then your body just goes into ignore mode and thats its way of copin with no intake??? try to stop nibblin and then you might feel that way?? stay strong.... you can do it... and you deserve it...x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You have identified two of your triggers for overeating- physical pain and emotional stress. When these situations arise again, just take a second to think - do I really want this chocolate bar/ crisps/cheese? Have a picture of you at your biggest and pin it on the door of the fridge and goodie cupboard. It really helps stop you in your tracks!
Keep at it, you can do this.


bye bye belly
Ive learnt now that when something triggers me off, I will have to defrost a chicken breast, then cook it (good hour using microwave to def an oven to cook) so shall I have a chicken breast, in an hour, or shall I go have a shower, shave my legs, chil in the bath, do my hair, do some ironing etc etc etc for an hour and let that feeling pass?

The latter wins, well it has 9 days out of 10!!!!! Only once have I had chicken in 10 days and its good going for me. Honestly, people dont agree with it but get some chicken or white fish in - I cant stand fish unless its out of a tin of tuna :D or from those dreaded little shops that sell it with high fatty carb things ;) so ive got chicken for emergencies, the fact its frozen stalls me. I dont reach for stuff any more. Well I did earlier, one of my sons sweets and I put it in my mouth sucked it and went 'OMG' spat it out, rinsed my mouth with half a pint of water and told my self I was daft for even thinking about SWEETS, it wasnt even something 'normal' :( You just gotta re-engage your brain, and tell yourself DONT DO IT, and you WILL feel better for it afterwards! I can promise you now that if you dont crack and get over the feeling - you'll have confidence you CAN control your issues and you CAN do this diet.

Best of luck with it all, I hope you can do it :) xxxx
I'm with leluna, i just seem to zone out and tell myself i'm not allowed the food why beat myself up about it and tempt myself. I cook a cooked dinner everynight for the kids/OH and just forget that its food, its more like a routine i know i have to do. Another thing that really works for me and makes me feel great is i put on the music channels, wack um up, have a dance and look at those great figures they all have in the videos.... thats enough to make my thoughts of food go for the day.....lol
thanks girlies the fact you took the time tio answer means alot to me! cant do bath's anymore too big for ours but think i'm going to try a hot shower and the music thing. also digging out some hand stitch patchwork to keep in a little box to keep my hands busy.
cried last night then the combination of that and the chocolate i've got the headache from hell and son been up since 5am!! thankfully he's decided he wants a nap so i get one too!

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