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urgent help needed!


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Ok its like this, I've just been asked out this afternoon by someone who i quite like but I can't decide what to wear.

I have a purple jacket that I love but do you think I will look odd if I wear it with a yellow top? I'll probably wear black bottoms.

sorry if this is off topic but my housemates are out and best mate isnt answering her phone!
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oooo purple and yellow look LOVELY together and will make you look like you're a cheerful happy person, i say try it on...look in the mirror and see how you feel with it all together but to me it sounds lovely but then i do like vivid colours :)
Sounds great to me too! Not long ago the shops were full of purple and mustard yellow all teamed up together and it looked fab. Enjoy your afternoon!!



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Yeah, me too! Vibrant colours win the day and you project a really positive image, also I find if I am wearing something bright I feel more confident. Mad but true!

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh I agree those colours would look fab together. You sound like a vibrant person so your clothes should reflect that. Have a lovely afternoon
Yes we want the low down on the "date"? Along with the weigh in we are all waiting (weighting) with baited ( and bad) breath.
I want date news too --- ooh first signs of romance, lovely :)


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Haha! Thank you for your messages, I have just got back. We had an amazing time, i can't stop smiling :) and the yellow and purple was a big hit!
Sorry, only read your post this morning!! Not been on the internet over the weekend.

Purple and yellow do go really well together and I am sure that you look fabulous!!!

Glad the date went well......are you seeing them again????

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