Urgent Need Help!!!how to give a dog medicine?


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I have this syringe thing I need to give my dog medicine out of. the only problem is theres a sticker over the instructions on how to give him it.

Anyone ever used one of these things before to know what to do? all I can imagine is to try and open his mouth and squirt it in. I imagine it cant taste very nice if you have to force it into them like that.

its called diarsanyl if that makes a difference to anyone, because he has gastroenteritis.

do i do it all at once or a bit at a time? I've no idea
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I would think it would be the same way u give it to small children,put it to the dogs mouth and let him/her suck on it while i r pushing the liquid out.

Sorry of this sounds stupid, hope u manage to sort out the prob xx

To administer the medicine to the dog you put it in side of mouth there is a gap in the teeth. If you try and put in front on mouth he will probably bite you on the syringe:eek:

Just make a fuss of him then gently insert into side of mouth and squirt liquid in.

Try and hold his mouth shut and rub under his throat to encourage him to swallow.

Try phoning vet re dosage most have an out of hours line

Good luck
Hi Kati, CDC is right, in the side of the mouth, and you can't afford to be too tentative. If it's any consolation dogs are waaaay easier than cats (and I have scars to prove it!). When I dose my dog I always follow up with a few treats, just to make her keep swallowing.
Yep, another vote for in the size of the mouth - there's a gap between teeth that allows you do it - and do it quickly. We always hold his mouth closed afterwards too and stroke under his throat to make sure he swallows it.
thanks everyone. Didn't have problem with it after all he loved it!!! I checked this morning about the dosage