Urgh, I forgot *TMI WARNING*

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Guru, 17 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Guru

    Guru Silver Member

    I forgot about the constipation. I've had a few weeks of merrily going to the loo without having to consider if I'm going to give myself a hernia


    I hate it and I feel all bunged up and heavy because of it.
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  3. AlexIce

    AlexIce Silver Member

    I was having bad problems but have started taking the CD fibre and now all is well and oh I am happy. I never want to go through that again!
    Hope you get sorted out soon!
  4. minx

    minx Full Member

    not pleasant :( senna tablets are cheap and (gently) effective, or movicol? xx
  5. Lizzylocket

    Lizzylocket Winning a losing battle!

    Have you tried the packs hot? That sometimes does the trick for me, either that or really strong black coffee!
  6. minx

    minx Full Member

    OR!! a really strong black coffee enema? :D
  7. Lizzylocket

    Lizzylocket Winning a losing battle!

    Eeew, I'd rather drink the coffee although if things get desperate!!
  8. jennikay

    jennikay Gold Member

    Same! I was very good for the first week, took fibre every day, then forgot about it the second week and have GAINED a pound! :eek: Certainly not doing THAT again - trying to 'clear out' as such now :eek:

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