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Useful resources: Books, CDs & DVDs


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:read: Is there a book, CD or DVD that you'd like to recommend to others? What have you found particularly useful and inspiring during your weight loss journey?

I've been inspired by another thread on this forum - Geneen Roth - who was it that mentioned her website? where some people recommend a number of books and thought - why not have a thread specifically for book/CDs/etc. recommendations? I always like to get inspired by what others have found helpful for slimming and changing the way they think about food - what better advice than that provided by such amazingly successful slimmers as you fellow LLrs! :gen147:

Since I started this thread, I'll go first. I've mentioned before that I've found the Beck Diet Solution very good (it's also sold in the UK, but the .com site has more reviews and the author's blog). One concept in the book that really hit a chord with me is how cravings increase when you're indecisive about whether to eat or not, while they decrease if you decide you're absolutely not going to give in. So the author suggests various techniques (mind and behavioural ones) to resist the temptation, including simply telling yourself in no uncertain terms that you have no choice on the matter!

Another useful tip is to prepare some cards (although I use a moleskin notebook instead) listing your reasons for wanting to lose weight, a NO CHOICE card for when you're feeling cravings creeping on you, and any other pre-prepared message to help you cope when on a diet. You should carry this with you and read it at least twice daily and any other time when you feel you need to.

The book also explains crooked and self-deluding thinking better than the Foundation book (in my opinion, at least) and gives you many good arguments to counter your crooked thoughts.

There is a lot more in it that I won't bother you with, some of it just sensible advice, and a lot more that is novel and inspiring to me. Next on my list of books to read is Eating Less, by Gillian Riley - I'll let you know how it goes!

Happy reading! :wavey:
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One of my favourite books of all time, is called "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" written by Dan Millman who has written many self-help and insightful books.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior, tells the story of a chance meeting with a gas station attendant who becomes a mentor to the young gymnast, Dan Millman himself, who names the attendant "Socrates".

Milman was an aspiring gymnast, and had won many competitions - even one in London back in the 80s for a Trampoline Competition. When Millman's right leg is shattered in a motorcycle accident, and his promising career destroyed, Socrates becomes Millman's spiritual teacher and shows Millman how to become a Peaceful Warrior, and how to get on with life when faced with great upset, or challenge or personal struggle, etc. It is fictional - but the message is factual.

I read it once when I went through a very diffulct time in my life and absolutely loved it. It gave me a new look on life, and lifes upsets, and helped me immensely. Plus it is an entertaining and enjoyable story.

He writes several non-fiction books along the lines of Deepak Chopra - about the laws of nature and spirit, etc. It is early new-agey kind of stuff - but it was very helpful to help change my mindset from seeing things negatively to seeing things positively.

I reccomend all his books. I don't conisder myself "new-agey" because I never felt I knew how to "do that"....lol....but there is good info in the books if you open your mind to them. Very good stuff.


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It gave me a new look on life, and lifes upsets, and helped me immensely. Plus it is an entertaining and enjoyable story.
Wow, sounds like a really powerful book - will have to give it a go! And I really like the fact that it's a story (and a good one at that...) rather than a self-help book. Makes it more digestible (food related metaphor not intended :p...).
It is Gobubbles - its one of those reads where suddenly he writes something,and a light goes on. He is clever at showing you how to get the most out of like, see the positive before the negative, etc., live in the now, etc. And it is a very good story. He has a good imagination. Hope you like it!
Eating Less by Gillian Riley is my dieting bible. I've also read You CAN Be Thin by Marisa Peer. I don't like it as much as Eating Less but I've taken a few really interesting tips from it. I'd recommend both of these. Does anyone have any others?


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Eating Less by Gillian Riley is my dieting bible. I've also read You CAN Be Thin by Marisa Peer. I don't like it as much as Eating Less but I've taken a few really interesting tips from it. I'd recommend both of these. Does anyone have any others?
Linze, do you know that Gillian Riley holds non-residential Eating Less seminars throughout the year?
with Gillian Riley

THIS 2-DAY SEMINAR will follow the content of Gillian's book,
It's strongly recommended that you read the book before you attend
the weekend.
The format of the seminar is informal lecture and discussion, and
groups are fairly small at about 8 or 10. The value (over only
reading the book) is in understanding the concepts more fully and
adapting the technique to you and your life.

THE VENUE is the Violet Hill Studios in St Johns Wood, NW8. The
nearest tube is Maida Vale and street parking is available in the
area. Sessions are from 9.30am to 5.30pm on both days.
This weekend is non-residential, offered to those who live in the
London area or have somewhere to stay in London.

THE FEE is £250 and a deposit of £60 will reserve your place on the course.

You will receive an introductory letter about a week before the
start of the course which includes directions to the venue. The phone
number is to use in case of an emergency last-minute cancellation.
This course fee includes tea and coffee but not meals. A variety
of restaurants and cafes are close by for the lunch breaks, or you
can bring your own.
I enquired about London seminars, but I think there are some elsewhere too - check out her website on Eating Less: Say goodbye to overeating, by Gillian Riley.
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I've had a quick look and it seems the seminars are all in London...
Thanks Gobubbles! I would really consider this. She just makes so much sense in her writing. I'm doing RtM at the moment and struggling with my old demons of eating too much, too quickly and snacking on junk, so her strategies have helped me stay on the straight and narrow today whereas nothing else would in the past. It's a great book to read at the point where you're about to start RtM. I would once again recommend it heartily to others!
Thanks Gobubbles - have just ordered it! Having missed several of the foundation classes due to illness I'm hoping it will fill in some of the gaps in my re-education!


Live the dream...
Glad it helps! I remember reading somewhere that usually the most successful maintainers are those that really work on their minds (and exercise regularly), so why limit oneself to the info provided in group meetings when there's so much CBT/psychological stuff out there? Every little helps... :D


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The One For Me Just Has To Be

The Ph Miracle For Weight Loss By Robert O Young And Shirley Redford Young.

It Is About How The Types Of Food Affect Your Blood Ph Levels And How This Affects Not Just Your Weight But General Health. I Did Follow This For A Period Of Time And Lost Quite A Bit Of Weight. I Think Its Difficult To Follow 100% With A Young Family, But I Fully Intend To Follow It 75% As I Did Before.

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Eating Less by Gillian Riley is FABULOUS!

Also - "Secrets of Thin People" by Dr Lizzie Kingsley puts it all into perspective and makes you realise that NO ONE is naturally thin......so we need to stop whinging and start making healthy choices!

I read "Get off your fat arse and lose weight now" by Steve Miller - and whilst some of his advice is good, generally I found him a bit too ruthless with his opinions! However, if you want to be shouted at and bossed around - he'll be great for you!

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