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Hey don't be so hard on yourself, you are not useless just cos you can't give it up.

I think I said in a previous thread, I kept one for the best part of a year and it took me a while to wean myself off it (still count syns). Even now I write it down if I am having a "strict" time or want to be good.
A food diary has many benefits - It makes you think about what you are eating, you can see how many speed/superspeed/fruit & veg you are having in a day, at a glance and also if you have a great week then you can refer to it again!

If you have had a bad week it is something you can show your consultant too as she may see something you don't.

So, you are not useless. Keep the diary, it's not a problem!


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Hey, you're not useless at all! I really find keeping a food diary helps me too. If I have an especially good week, I can look back and see what the cause might have been, same if I have a bad week. It helps me keep track of my syns, I find they can slip through if I don't make a note.

I even made my own versions of them at home lol! We're only given them for the first 4 wks then if we're having a bad week, but I personally want to use them every week.

Do what works for you, lots of us use the diaries so don't worry. :) x

Next week will be great D


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Hi Tara,

1/2 really isn't that bad! Atleast if you know where you went wrong you can pin point what to work on.
Last week I forget to get a food diary & felt totally lost! So I know how hard it is without one.
Keep up the good work :)


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If a food diary works for you then keep doing one. This is YOUR weight loss journey and you have to do it the way that suits you the most!

I am finding that writing it down in my little diary thread on here is working for me and saves having scraps of paper all over the place :)


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i am completing a food diary for my leader and i have a girly note book which i complete for myself, for my own personal record. (and a pink pen, how girly)x


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Girly is always the best way to go!! ;-)

And Ossireo is totally right, keep going with whatever is best for you.


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Your not useless. I use a food diary I it is one of the keys to me staying on track. Like the others have said it helps you keep track of what you've eaten such as HEX and making sure you've had your fruit and veg etc. I use it to keep track of my water intake too. If a food diary is what you need to stay on tract then use it, there is nothing wrong with needing one at all. Also you can look back on good weeks to get ideas and if you have a bad week you can see where you went wrong.

HTH :)


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i have maintained the past three week you are doing better than me lol


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Any week that I didn't complete a food diary I felt lost and put on weight! TBH it is the only way I can keep track. That teeny gain and more will be gone in no time now that you are back on track ps I have a girly pink pen and pink notebook too lol