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Using HexB to reduce Syns

Hmmmmmm i heard that as well!!! i know all Healthy extra B choices are 6 syns normally..........Sorry i didn't realise i am bloody useless aren't i HAHAHHAHAHA Hope ya find out xxxx
I think that's only if a HEXb is included in what you're having. For example if you bought a shop bought sandwich made with wholemaeal bread, you could knock off 6 syns and use bread as |HEXb



Starting Again!
Normally it's reducing the total syns of a product. For example if you bought a chicken salad on a green day and the book/online said 7 you can summise that 6 of the 7 syns are for the chicken (or the first 113g of chicken) so you could say the salad was 1syn and 1 HExB

You can't just take 6 syns off something and say it's a HEx, otherwise I'd used all four of my HEx's on Ben and Jerry's!!


Nojo on the YoYo
heh I don't either, specially since a nice 100ml scoop of that cherry garcia froyo is only 8 syns. MMMMMM 2 syn ice cream, YEEERRS!

My BF pointed out to me the other day that there was only 600 calories in the whole tub. I had 2 large spoonfuls as a treat cos I hadn't used any syns that day and he was goading me. I was strong though. He scoffed the lot and had a dicky tummy later, serve him right for making yummy you-can't-have-it noises.

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