Using LT Maintenance WITHOUT TFR first.


Ok everybody! I can't seem to find many threads with people that are going to use LT maintenance without first using TFR lipotrim, so I decided to make my own so anyone else can join in and tell me their experiences, or if they are thinking about doing it too, can see how i've got on on.

I've had a lot of change this year. I came to the realisation I wasn't happy in my relationship of 6 years, and that I was actually in love with my best friend (Who confessed his love for me too). So I decided to make the leap I had been thinking about and left a relationship with no love or attention, to being the happiest I have been in my life.
Now i'm sure we can all relate to putting on weight in an unhappy relationship, so I managed to get myself up to 12st0lb, and i'm a very short person, so it really really doesn't fit right (size 16-18). Also I had an operation to reconstruct my ankle, as I had an extra bone, and had a tenant that was causing me problems. This operation meant that I could not walk, not even touch my foot on the floor, for 3 months. Yes, three months. Now with this, I have put on 9lbs, understandably. I'm not giving myself too much grief for this albs, because my main priority was resting, as it was quite a big operation.
Now I am beginning to walk on my foot, slowly and on crutches, and I still have a couple of months off work to heal.

Now here's the inspirational bit. My Mum lost nearly 5st on TFR lipotrim and has not only kept it off, but has continued to lose around 1lb a week for the past few months. She looks amazing. I'm so proud of her. I always saw her as fat, but now she looks incredible.

The kick in the teeth moment came for me when we got weighed this morning, and she was only 1st heavier than me, and she is a very tall lady.

So tomorrow I am beginning my journey. I am going travelling across Asia on the 3rd of March 2014 with my NEW boyfriend :), so this is my journey before my journey. I'm exited (I know that will very quickly fade) to be a different person. I don't know how much weight I can lose on this diet in 3 months, so if anyone can give me any personal experiences or how much I can expect to lose, that would be great.

So i'll be having 2 lipotrim maintenance shakes, and one very, very healthy meal. A grilled chicken brest and a few veggies, or fish and veggies, or salads (you get the idea). I will post as often as I can (even if none reads this and I just do it for myself), but definitely at least once a week.

Good Luck Aprilyc x
Hello Aprilyc :)
Good luck with your weight loss journey, I'll follow your diary with interest! Wow your Mum did well, I'm curious though, how does she maintain her weight/continue to lose after TFR? I'm on TFR now, 3 weeks in, 15lb down!
And may I ask, how come you're using LT Maintenance rather than LT Total Food Replacement? Either way, I'm sure you'll do just fine! Enjoy Asia x

- Abbey
Thanks for following! It's after midnight now, so I've officially started!
My Mum says that when she refeeded, she followed it exactly to the book. The exact amount of food and the exact types. Now she is very strict with herself. She has no takeaways (we used to have a lot), she basically lives of salad with either mackerel, salmon, or chicken flakes, with no salad dressing. For breakfast she has cereal with berries, then salads for the rest of the day. She's really happy now, she has changed her whole look on food. She jokes that she has a berry addiction, she eats a lot of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, sometimes with 0% fat yoghurt and honey. She always eats 3 meals a day, and if she has a 'fat day' (goes out for a meal), she will have a maintenance shake as a meal the day before or after.

I am doing the maintenance instead of TFR because I'm unsure if I could stick to it. I don't want to start and fail, and end up in a worst state. Also with Christmas coming up, I don't believe that I will have enough time to start the TFR and come off in time for Christmas dinner. I am seriously consider going on TFR just after Christmas if this goes well, for around 6 weeks, so I can come off in time for my traveling! Unless I loose a lot of weight on maintenance, in which case I'll just stick to that. Only time will tell!

I'm determined to do this. I AM going to be one of the success stories, I can't be carrying all this weight around along with a big rucksack for a month traveling!

15 lbs in 3 weeks! I'm very impressed. This makes me think harder about doing that after Christmas for 6 weeks...!
Wow, what your mum does is impressive! And ah makes sense, well good luck, but I promise you that TFR isn't that bad hehe
Well today was strange.

Had my first shake, a summer fruits, and I could NOT for the life of me get it down. Seriously. I was pretty much sick and gagged quite a few times. My mother of course was dying with laughter. I think I would be if I was on the other end. So all in all, the shakes did NOT sit well.
Lunch was a similar story. Chocolate mousse, NOPE. Just no. I couldn't finish them. I have decided I am going to the pharmacy to get bars. And maybe some soups. Everyone says the bars taste like cardboard, but honestly, I'd rather eat literally actual cardboard than the shakes again.

Boyfriend is in the kitchen cooking tea. A lean steak and carrots and broccoli. He is so good and fully supportive. He even took it upon himself to eat lunch away from me.

I'm unsure if steak is allowed but he bought it for me, and it's only with a couple of carrots and broccoli.

Will let you know how I get on with the bars!
So I've started on the bars. They are much much easier than the shakes to take. Although it does take a while to eat them! At first I could barely keep it down, but the more bars I eat, the more I like them! I've done 4 days now, and that might not seem a lot, but to me every single day is progress!
I know I shouldn't have weighed myself, but so far i've lost 3.5 lbs. I'm really happy with that. As long as I lose on average 2 lbs a week, then i'll hit my goal of two stone before traveling.
Today I had steamed trout, mushrooms, mange tout, and a spoonful of roasted veg. I also had a banana for afterwards. I think it's a pretty manageable diet. I get a lot of food cravings in the day, but its mainly psychological. I rarely feel hunger. I usually feel strong hunger around an hour before I have my bars and tea.
Will just have to wait until Monday to see how much weight i've lost, but if it's 3.5 lbs still, i'll be pretty happy.
Over and out.
so hows it going? still using the maintenance stuff?

h x
so hows it going? still using the maintenance stuff? h x

Yep! Still on the maintenance. I lost 4 lbs last week, I'm doing Sunday to Sunday, so hopefully will lose some again this week.
I have been finding it hard psychologically tho, friends want to eat out, and it's just hard. I just really need to do this.
I am struggling to find anyone else Doing the same as me, just the maintenance not TFR. I'm unsure about what kind if evening meal to have. I've been having either chicken or fish with veg, but it would be nice to have a potato one night. Thoughts?
Thanks for following my journey!