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using syns

hi! i prefer to not use many syns during the week as i dont feel the urge to and would rather have them handy in case something comes up on the weekend. i have only used 26.5 so far and was wondering if it would do much harm if i had a dessert both tomorrow and sunday night..they are 18 syns each and would bring my total for the week to the 62.5..does anyone else do this? i know its within syns but scared that having it on back-to-back will have a negative effect. Thanks a lot
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Depends how long you have been doing SW and how much weight you have to lose. I have had months of being really good with small weight losses each week but last week I had two meals off plan and lost 1.5 pounds. you are better off having your syns on a daily basis as this educates you to eat normal healthy daily food. if you know you going out ,have a flexi day having say 20 syns and then back to 5-15 the next day xx


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I know some people carry over syns regularly and get away with it but SW don't recommend it as it can lead to binging. I suppose you need to ask yourself whether, after having your desserts at the weekend, you will be able to get back on plan the next day, or if it will be the start of a slippery slope.

Personally I thinkg I little of what you fancy every day is preferable to a lot of what you fancy one day a week.
Yeah i agree, if you save them all up so you can go mad at a weekend your not really training your brain to eat heathily, you are kinda training it to binge on a weekend, you kinda gotta remember that SW if for life and you gotta change your lifestyle habits not just what you eat.

You are getting yourself into the habit of saving up syns and eating them all on the weekend so you are packing all your extra calories into 2 days which if you spread them out during the week then you would probably burn syns during ur everyday life, where as if your eating them all at a weekend, then it will be harder to burn them off as your cramming them all into 2 days.

I am a big girl,and i only have 2-7 syns a day inc weekends because if i dont need to use them then why? you dont have to eat your full weekly allowance in a weekend, i hardly feel the need to syn. just because they are there doesn't mean you gotta use them.
I save mine all the time. I think, for me, it gives me the flexibility to have days where I can have things without worrying.
My slim friends seem to eat no treats on week days and a good few treats on weekends. i think it's a normal thing to do and it works for me.
I have no problem having very few treats on week days then i really enjoy more at the weekend.
SW don't encourage it anymore because I think it's a fine balance between not having syns but then deliberately overeating free foods on those days to make up for the fact that you have had a few syns. It used to be routinely suggested that saving syns was ok, although some Consultants discourage it.
Personally I find that it works for me, although I can't eat things like packets of past n sauce or savoury rice as between meal snacks although, in theory, many people would think that is ok.
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Thanks for your replies..i really appreciate it. I eat very healthily (previous ww-er) so its not a matter of binging. I tend to eat out more on weekends so rather have my syns in case I go somewhere which is high in syns. Like eternity, I find it a more normal way of eating as I rather indulge on the weekends and eat healthily rest of the week :)
Dropitlikeitshot, i hope you didnt take my post as rude! i just read it and its sound like im having a go and im not..honest.

I prefer a small glass of wine on a week night after work and as i have all weekend to cook cos i work weekdays 9-5 so i fnd it easier to eat healthy on a weekend as i have all the time in the world to prepare it lol, just depends on your life style i spose :D Gl with ya weight loss

SW say that to guarantee a weight loss you should have 5-15 syns per day. Saving them up for use at another point in the week is considered 'tweaking' the plan - for some people it works ok and they still get a loss, and others don't lose in weeks that they 'tweak'.

It's really a bit of trial and error for you - but do be aware that you might not lose at all/as much in weeks that you do this!
I have saved my syns up for a weekend since I started SW, and has workded for me. I go out most weekends, so prefer to eat free foods during the week and save my syns for going out. I know it doesnt work for everyone, but while its working for me im gonna keep doing it :)
It actualy says on the site you can save them up but you should have 5 minimum per day. The site is down at the moment but I have read this in the last few weeks.
I agree with Kissme, I always save my syns for the weekend, and often have less that the allocated amount each week. I'm not going without, but can't see the point of eating syns for the sake of it.

I have lost 3.5 stone in 14 weeks doing this (I have a lot to lose), however, I do worry that when the weight loss starts to slow down, I may have to cut back even more
Tweaking eh! well if you do this on a regular basis it could effect your loss. Syns are spread out over the week, although you can every so often save for a special occassion, but not all the time. You need to allow the body to burn the extra syn's consumed. This would not be so hard if you excersice well on both days ( are you?)....

Phil x
I tend to have a few each weekday and then save normally for booze on a weekend - so far my weigh loss has been good and doesn't appear to be affected. I think its what works for you - I can be good all week eat superspeed food, exercise but my weekend is my time so I enjoy it. As long as I can be good in the week and make the right choices then I don't see a problem with it.
C&P from FAQ on the website

Q: Can I save up my Syns for the weekend?

A: Yes, if you want to, some people like to do this. Do consider though, whether you really will be happy depriving yourself for most of the week. You may prefer to be flexible with your Syns and increase your Syn allowance for a night out or a special occasion.
Q: Can I save up my Syns for the weekend?

A: Yes, if you want to, some people like to do this. Do consider though, whether you really will be happy depriving yourself for most of the week. You may prefer to be flexible with your Syns and increase your Syn allowance for a night out or a special occasion.

Thanks for this. It's good to have the official word on it :D

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