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Using the Gym During Abstinence

I think I posted a while ago that before I decided to start LL I took out gym membership at my local Council gym and signed up for 12 months at £25 per month.

Now I'm half way through Foundation I've decided that my body has had enough time to get used to abstinence and I want to make the most of the membership (and I really can't afford to "waste" £25 per month).

I have a couple of days off work at the end of the week and have booked a session in the gym to create my exercise programme with an instructor, on Thursday.

I was wondering if any of you have started going to the gym after joining LL and what you do there?

Before I started LL I wasn't exercising at all so I don't know if a full blown vigorous routine would be too much for me and I might be better to increase the exercise slowly over time. (I might also add I'm a bit of a exercise-phobe and if I don't enjoy what I'm doing I will give up :eek:).

I'm just looking for advice on what people have done and how they have felt. Should I do any cardio work or should I stick to toning exercises? My membership also includes access to our local swimming pool so I'm going to start going to the ladies only night and join Aquafit classes.

Any advice greatly appreciated :)
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I started after starting LL (well not the gym) I go on my cross trainer for 30-40 mins 3-5 times a week and do 2.5 hours ish of cardio/toning classes.

Be aware you will get v v hungry and only do what your body tells you is ok.

Emma xXx
As Emma said, it will make you feel hungry afterwards as your body will have used up all the energy it has converted from fat and will prompt you to eat to give you more energy (as the breakdown of fats to make more energy takes longer than absorbing energy from eating something) so be sure to have a pack or a bar straight afterwards to quell that hunger pang!

And do only what you feel comfortable with. Light cardio like walking or a little running is OK, but you might be suprised how quickly you feel worn out the first few times as your body can't convert your fats to energy fast enough to sustain higher aerobic activites. Of course, as your fitness level improves you will be able to sustain energetic feats for longer; from my experience, to begin with walking the approx.5 miles from work to my house was very tiring. After a couple of weeks, walking it was fine and a few minutes of light jogging here and there on the way home began to tire me out like the walking alone did before. After about 8 weeks of this, I'm now at the point where I can run at a steady pace for around half of the distance home, though still not in one go, I have to break it down into segments of 5mins running 5mins walking. Riding my bike has also gotten easier after doing a little most days of the week.

Toning exercises with light weights will also do you good, but don't overdo the amount you are lifting, don't push yourself to "feel the burn", and certainly don't expect to increase your strength/muscle size by any great amount, as the LL diet doesn't provide you with enough protein and amino acids to really give you muscle growth.
Thanks Emma and Pete, really appreciate your replies. The main thing I get from your replies is to make sure I don't start to ambitiously, and make sure I listen to my body. I chatted with my LLC tonight and she said exactly the same thing :)

Thanks for the tip on having a bar/pack straight afterwards - I'll make sure I take one with me.

It's good to know from your experience Pete that you can build it up, and start to sustain the activity for longer. I think this is something I need to see as a longer term lifestyle change in order to maintain my weight :)


Fighting Demons....
This is something I have been thinking about alot. Generally because I don't want to get into the "i am bored, i need f**d" state of mind but also because I am becoming more aware of the need to tone!
I have a few freinds who are personal trainers and sports type people and they have all said the same thing to me. "Because of the very small volume of calories you're taking in, you have to start off doing a little bit of excercise and work up!" I am limiting myself to swimming and walking for the time being but we're planning a mountaineering/climbing (accident waiting to happen) type thing in the summer. Something to work up to I suppose!
Like you, I don't like the thought of wasting money on a gym. But if you can motivate yourself to use the facilities and the fact that they have a local pool has to be a good pull, then go for it. £25 per month is pretty good really. But make sure that you go often enough to make it value for money. Example, to go swimming at my local pool is £3.00 and I go 3 times a week which is £9.00 per week or £39.00 per month. But a monthly membership is £42.50 (I know! Excessive isn't it!?) So I'm saving money by not buying a membership :D

B x
Hi Westie :)
I joined the gym after my 3rd week of LL and have a personal trainer.
I go twice a week and swim twice a week and i feel great!
I think i'm replacing my food obsession with an exercise obsession!!
I hadn't been to the gym prior to LL.
My routine at the gym is as follows:
10mins treadmil
Leg toning machine (aductor)
10mins cross trainer
Leg toning machine (abductor)
5mins Rowing machine
Ab cruncher
10mins stepper
free weights: curl & press with dunbells etc
Floor work with yoga ball (an instructor at the gym should show you some good exercises)
Apparently, this kind of circuit training is great for fat burning.
However, your instructor should work out a plan best suited to you :)

I think as long as you listen to your body and only do what you feel is sufficient, you'll be fine!

Jess xx
p.s sorry for the essay!!!
Thanks for the essay Jess :D

Seriously, I'm grateful for your reply. It's nice to see what people do and that people are actually doing exercise whilst on LL (and enjoying it). I used to be a bit of a gym bunny years ago and loved it - once I get in the routine I know I'll be fine :)

It's just getting the motivation that eludes me.............


is loving CWP xx
I usesd to go to the gym all the time when I was doing SW but then gave up 3 months before LL.

I wasn't sure how it would affect me after all that time of not excersing and also starting LL. But after week 1 I was feeling fine so decided to go back and see how I felt. I am so glad that I did as my fitness has really improved and it has really helped with my inch loss.

I hope that helps too x x
start off easy and build up your fitness level thats the way to go. i posted a while back that i do burst training on the tred mill, that seems to work well for me.
I usesd to go to the gym all the time when I was doing SW but then gave up 3 months before LL.

I wasn't sure how it would affect me after all that time of not excersing and also starting LL. But after week 1 I was feeling fine so decided to go back and see how I felt. I am so glad that I did as my fitness has really improved and it has really helped with my inch loss.

I hope that helps too x x
Thanks Becky, that has helped.

I always take my own measurements at home so I'll be looking forward to some more inch loss :D
I had my session to create my programme today. I was worried I'd have opposition to the low cal diet but he took it all in his stride and created my programme anyway.

I have been set the following:

6 mins warm up on treadmill
stretches for warm up
10 minutes cardio on cross trainer
various exercises for toning on machines and dumbells (all 2 sets of 15 reps)
cool down on stepper

I was ok on the cardio work, but struggled to complete both sets of reps on the machines. I decided to do just one rep (which my instructor was OK with me doing if I needed to). When I finished my muscles were shaking, but I think I would have had that even without being on LL because my body is completely unused to exercise!!!!

I came home and had a shake and have felt OK. The only thing I noticed was I came home and felt so so cold. I haven't really felt too cold in ketosis this time, but today I was freezing! Mind you a nice hot shower soon warmed me up!!! I've felt quite tired this afternoon and thought I might fall asleep, but as seems to be the case for me since starting LL, I haven't needed a nap!!!

I just need to make sure that I continue to go now to reap the benefits :D


is loving CWP xx
Great news Westie. I have always been the same when getting back from the gym. I hope this isn't TMI but I think it will just be the fact that you might be wet with sweat that makes you cold, I know it was with me.

Keep going you will see the benefits. I lost 6 1/2 inces from my waist after 4 weeks so it must work. I must admit though, I do more cardio than weights but am now starting to incorporate more weights as the weight is dropping off me.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do x x

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