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Using the Snackulator


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Have just put Sainsbury's 0.1% Light probiotic yogurt into the Snackulator and it comes up as 2.5 Syns - but actually it's listed on the Free list. Can someone help me understand this, is it something I'm doing?

Also, the Syns calculator - I'm finding the calculating free allowance bit a bit confusing - can someone give me a worked example?

Thank you.
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Hi, the snackulator is for sweets, cakes biscuits and crisps etc.
Fat free yoghurt should be calculated in the syn calculator where you can put in that the food contains free food allowance.
Below the syn calculator section is a box that says, 'syn calculator tips'. That has all the information you need :)


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You don't need to use the snackulator if it's on the free food list.
It will come up as 2.5 syns as it probably has 50 calories in it.

Only use the syns calculator if the item you are checking is not listed on the branded foods calculator bit. With the calculator it's a bit more vague, some items may come out with a different value than if you search under the brand name.


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S: 13st0.5lb C: 11st7.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 1st7lb(11.51%)
Thanks! I put in the Sainsburys yogurt in the snackulator before I found it on the free list later - so was surprised it had come out at 2.5syns.

Mumoftwo - I read the tips and am embarrassed to say I still didn't get it!!! Will have another look, thankfully most things are in Syns Online!!


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Hey Sweets, if you are looking for the free food allowance of an item the 1st ingredient on the item will be the highest so you use that e.g if cous cous is top ingredient it is the highest percentage so you would use that, does that make any sense ? if not give me a shout and I will try and help some more. x


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the snackulator is only for things with no free food allowance, which covers the following:

Alcoholic drinks
Biscuits, including cereal bars and savoury crackers
Bread & crispbreads
Breakfast cereals
Cakes & bakery items, e.g. carrot cake
Crisps & snacks
Dressings & dips, e.g. salsa, salad dressing
Fruit - canned, dried and stewed
Pastry products (sweet & savoury), e.g. salmon en croute, apple pie
Puddings & desserts
Sandwich/deli fillers
Sandwiches and wraps
Sauces, e.g. jars of tomato-based pasta sauce
Soft drinks, including yogurt drinks fruit/vegetable juice and fruit smoothies
Soups, all varieties
Sweets & chocolates

For foods with a free food allowance, you need to use the syns calculator selecting your free food first, because when a food has a free food allowance, it looks at other factors of the nutritional information such as protein, carbs and fat, as well as the usual calories.