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Using up Syns??

Hi girls,

Just curious to how you use up your syns?? I normally use mine for butter, mayo, milk etc... im really struggling with my sweet tooth atm and am wondering weather i should use my syns up for sweet things like milkyways, kit kats etc.. but im scared i wont loose if im eating chocolate!!

For those who eat chocy do you still loose??

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I also tend to use my syns in the same way to make my meals more interesting. I do though have a hot chocolate in the evening which helps with any sweet cravings I have. I know there not the real thing but they are only 2 syns and sometimes I add low fat sqirty cream. It helps me anyway.:)
I have a bit of everything with mine - sauce, extra cheese, salted nuts, extra bread, biscuits, chocolate (although it's not my downfall so I can usually have a bit without going mad)


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Well if you wana have choc a curly wurley is 6 sins not too bad!! how about a options hot chocolate they are 2 sins each or why not have some merangue nest they are pretty low in syns but very sweet,,, theres loads of stuff you can have, as long as you stay within your syns you will be just fine :)


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I eat very little chocolate these days, as I prefer to use my syns for a glass of wine plus little things, like a tsp of low fat spread on crispbread, a couple of walnuts on top of my salad or olive oil in salad dressing.
I use mine for gravy, mayo, crisps and chocolate Hun and I still loose weight.
As long as you are in the syn range, you will still loose weight.


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Yes - there's no need to worry. 6 syns is 6 syns whether it's 6 syns spent on butter or 6 syns spent on chocolate. And if you're craving it then it's better to use some of your allowance to have it on a regular basis rather than going completely off the wagon because you feel completely deprived.
Thanks ladies :)

Think i might start having abit more choccy within my syns allowance and fingers crossed ill still loose!!! xx

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Shapers choccie bars from boots are nice - the strawberry is 4.5 & the mint is 5 IIRC!
Shapers choccie bars from boots are nice - the strawberry is 4.5 & the mint is 5 IIRC!

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