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V' diary


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thought i would start a diary even though am nearly 4 weeks late due to no time, but i will start it now.
so i started my LT journey because i was fed up of being big and the final straw was when i couldnt fit into my size 20-22 clothes.
and the trigger point was when we got invited to a posh party for my nephew's 18th birthday on 29th of April 2011. as on the only big person in my family, i refuse to look ginormous on that day amid all skinny women and feeling crap.
and being a nurse, i should be setting an example of being healthy. and am the biggest staff where i work.
so i said right, enough is enough and after years of yo-yo dieting i said enough, its about timem i changed my life, as i dont want to celebrate my 32nd bday being fat.
so i started LT with huge support from my beloved hubby., weighing a gross and embarrassing 15st 11, morbidly obese for my 5"1 frame.
its a very hard journey but am determined to get where i want.
apart from my hubby, nobody knows am doing this diet and after 2st loss, nobody has noticed my weight loss yet. as i still wear all my baggy clothes and my uniform is just hanging off me but i refused to get new ones, will get new ones when i've lost another 1-2 stones or unless my trousers start falling...(they are elasticated so for now they are holding up)
this evening my beloved hubby said to me, he will support me all the way through untill i reach my goal of 10st and he even said that he will buy all my new smaller clothes once am at goal.
i said to him, i want to continue TFR untill i reach goal, and he said to me thats absolutely fine and he will always be there for me.
its our wedding anniversary and my 32nd birthday on 1st of july, he even said that we'll go for our annual anniversary meal when i reach goal, he doesnt mind even if its months late, as far as happy at my final weight.
bless him, i love him so so so much and couldnt do this without his help.
fingers crossed i reach goal end of august 2011.
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Hey V!
How much are you down so far?? I'm on day 6 and thinking about food all the time :( hopefully it will get better! Has it for you? it's fab your hubby's is so good! Lucky you, you will be a skinny minny in no time xx


hiya! yep im the same i started at 16st 11lbs... gross... and like you i have a fab husband who has supported me no end thru this..... im doin this for him and my kids, so they have a happy healthy mum who is back in control again and enjoys life... plus my husband is delighted coz i feel a lot more positive and happy with myself again, which means everyone benefits.... keep goin and stay strong...xxxx

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Ahhh your hubby sounds amaaaaszing! You will definately reach your goal and soon people will notice (um sure they have already) as long as you feel good who cares eh xxxxx


Slim for summer
You have done amazingly well already, you will get to goal in no time:) x


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am so tired today, had a terribly busy shift yesterday, on my feet for nearly 13hrs and still knackered.
its time of month as well, hence very low weight loss this week. 1 lbs is still a loss as its 29 lbs in a month.
i cant believe its a month today since i started LT and been 100% all way through.
many more months to go till i reach goal but i will get there.
i dont measure myself but i know i have lost inches as my size 18 skinny jeans are all loose and i needed a new belt size L instead of my usual XL. :D:D
someone at work complimented that i have lost weight and she said its a fad diet and i will pile all the weight back on as soon as i start eating.:(:(
i didnt even ask her opinions, anyway i dismissed her and will not let her see that she upset me. and i will prove to her that i will get to goal and will maintain it.
cheeky cow!!!
anyway will read through new posts now.
thanks all for kind words.
love ya all...


Just keep swimming ...
someone at work complimented that i have lost weight and she said its a fad diet and i will pile all the weight back on as soon as i start eating.:(:(

the thing I've found is that I put weight on after any diet. In fact I've been trying to eat healthy, take more exercise and count calories for the past 20 years. And in that time I've put on 10 stone!

So if Lipotrim gives you a new approach, who's to say in wont be a long term solution for you?


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well am at work today and its sunny :(
hope it's sunny tomoz as well as am off.
anyway, was chatting to hubby last night as little lad was having a bag of crisps, and i said to hubby, when i reach my goal on LT, i will have crisps and chocolate once a week and not everyday. then he said to me, no you wont, i asked him why, he said coz thats what got me big in first place, too many crisps, chocolate, biscuits, pastries, cakes,.....and after all my hard work he is not going to let me ruin it.
then i thought about what he said, and to my horror, he was absolutely right, i used to live on crap things and never had proper healthy meal like he has always done. if he got some chicken and salad for his tea, i would get the fattiest ready meals and fill myself up with crisp, chocolate and biscuits at night. he never ever told me that i was not being healthy, he is just too kind.
when i asked him why he never said that i was big or being unhealthy, he then said to me, if am happy with my weight, then he is and he would never tell me to lose weight unless it was startting to affect my health or i was getting too big to get through door.
when i met him i was size 12-14, so not too skinny and he always says to me that he will support me whatever i decide to do.
back to my point about crap food, i thought he was absolutely spot on about my bad habits :eek::eek:
so when i reach goal, i will have a bag of crisps as a treat very rarely and small sqares of chocolate, not the biggest bar i can find and limit cakes and biscuits coz this diet is hardcore and i will not get back to the way i was coz i dont want to diet ever again in my life.
so am determined to get down that size 10.
oh and my beloved other half has treated me to a maxi dress, a small crop cardigan to go with dress and some high heel shoes for the party on 29th of april :D:D:D
and its a size 14!!!! and it fits ( am still a loose 18)!!!!! coz there's plenty of room as they are floaty ones and stretchy, smocks.....:D:D:D
gotta love him, bless him.
right back to work, will read forum laters.
hav a good day peeps.

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Wow Vanisha you have lost loads in a month well done you! It must feel fabulous to be in a 14 and too big! Get you chick :) today i bought some size 10's in the sales onky cheap stuff and some of it actually fits, im wearing a size 10 jumper and cant actually believe its finally happening! Still gotta tone up the flabby loose skin, my bingo wings are hideous right now but hey ho i look slim yay :)


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jeeeeeez...its been a long time since i updated my diary.
sorry diary to abandon you like that.
i have been so so busy with work and easter and kids and dogs.
i have been working quite a lot lately, trying to save some pennies for my new wardrobe hopefully end of august 2011 in a size 10-12, so i need lots of money as i will have to buy everything from scratch.
so i have to put in some more hrs in hospital.
back to diet, am still 100% and week 6 weigh in on saturday as they are shut on friday, hopefully a good loss.
lately i have been obsessing with food, its mainly in the evening especially on my few days off. but i have carried on and will not break until i reach my goal.
only day am gonna break is on this friday 29th, as we are going to my nephew's 18th bday party and as no one, apart from hubby knows am doin LT, i will have to eat something. i have decided its gonna be only protein, probably just meat, so not worried about it.
i was watching tv last night and saw this actress on tv and said to hubby, OMG she's lost so much weight, and he said no she hasnt, i said she has....then he says to me am obsessed with how much people weigh....i laughed loud and then realised that he was so true but didnt tell him that. :D:D
anyway, as i hate the vanilla shake so much, i decided to do what Cham does...so on my last weigh in i got 2 vanilla shakes, i whizzed just under half a pack in some 300ml water and put it in the fridge and i use it as milk for my teas and coffees and OMFG, it tastes soooooooooooo nice. just like having cream in my drinks....and since yesterday i think am addicted to it now....its such a change from boring old water and black teas and coffees..
so thank you ever so much Cham :thankyou:
and i have a few glasses of sparkling water as well.
all my size 18 clothes are hanging off me but i refuse to buy any new sizes as yet. i probably buy some from charity shops only if i really have to.
cant believe i lasted nearly 6 weeks with no food...eek
am so proud of myself...he he
i will get there one day soon.


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DAY 42!!!
My God, time flies when u r having fun!!!
cant believe its day 42 today and still 100%. i've been so busy with work again this week, am just on my break at mo with my strawbeery shake.
lately we have been having people fetching all sorts of chocolates, biscuits, sweets and everything......god its been torture. everytime i walk past the desk, its there calling me name. but am proud to say that i have not even been tempted one bit.
i have this silly habit of proper sniffing all food though, my hubby thinks am mental as when he is having his meal in the evenings, i take his plate and put my nose right in his food!!!
but that does the trick and dont drool over anything.
weigh in on saturday (should have been tomoz) but bank holiday. its actually going to be 9 days since i last got weighed.
i cant wait to be below 13st, not been that weight in nearly 5 years.
am excited and gotta say that i love LP.
its so hard but the best diet with fantastic result.
best get back to work now.
hope all you lovelies are having a good day.


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Small update, tried one of my new dresses n it's a size 16 n THEY FIT!!!! I have to breath in to zip it up but hey ho, I fit in size 16's!! 2 weeks time they'll just slide down!
That's made my night. Bring on a few more stones, I CAN DO IT!
:D :D :D

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Well went to the party today and it was at a Chinese buffet, all u can eat!!!!
Everybody complimented how good I looked n were asking me if I'd lost weight, n since no one knows am dieting, I tactfully diverted topic to food!!! But I had no choice but to eat. So with wonderful hubby's help, I piled my plate with crispy duck, chicken omellete, chicken breast.
Wen I sat down to eat, I only had 2 pieces of crispy duck, 2 forkful of omelette n about 4 pieces of chicken n by god I was stuffed. So generous hubby quickly swapped his empty plate with my full one wen nobody was looking.
I was on sparkling water throughout. Was not even tempted with all the gorgeous puddings they were serving, I happily sipped my black coffee.
In all I had a brilliant night as I felt so wonderful, felt well fitted in within the family for the first time since I met my hubby.
As soon as I came home, checked mu urine for ketones n thank god, am still in ketosis!
Here's to 6th weigh in tomorrow.

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Well Done, I think if i was at an all you can eat buffet id eat everything... I miss food!!! Best of luck with your weigh in tomor xx


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shelly320 said:
Well Done, I think if i was at an all you can eat buffet id eat everything... I miss food!!! Best of luck with your weigh in tomor xx
Thanks shelly

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well done on tonight and good luck for tomorrow.



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week 6........
well well well, what a surprise at my 6th weigh in!!!!
8 lbs off :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
so am officially in the 12st....(12st 12), am 1 lbs short of having lost 3 stones in 6 weeks!!!!
am in cloud 9 :greenapple:
am sooooooooooooooo happy.

cant believe how quick its gone and how easy it is now. its unbelievable.
i still refuse to buy smaller clothes and my work uniforms look hideous and i look like a tramp at times, they are massive, and they are a size 22 while am now a size 16!! but i will not get new ones until i lose another stone.
i want to see people's reaction when they see me in new smaller uniforms.
i treated myself to some new underwears in a size 14 as all my others feel like bridget jones pants. :p
am aiming to lose another 2st by end of june, so i should be 10st 12 for my birthday and 5th wedding anniversary on 1st of july, and we are celebrating by going for a meal and i would be only on proteins, so not worried about that.
then i will carry on with TRF until i reach 9st 8 lbs.
i no i can do it, i have faith in myself.
good luck to everyone in this LT train and it can definitely be done.

love to all.


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week 7
wow time is just flying by now and am loving it.
i only lost 2 lbs today but in all i've lost 43 lbs now :D:D:D:D:D:D
cant smile wide enough, he he he :giggle::giggle:
half way through my weight loss journey now, another 43 lbs hopefully by end of august and i should be at goal.
i have gone from a size 22 to a size 16 now. weheyyyyy, some shops are very tight with their size 16 and they dont fit, but i can easily fit into new look's size 16, so that suits me perfect. hopefully in a couple of weeks, i should fit in all shop's size 16.
am going to carry on with 100% TFR until i reach my goal.
a lot of people have noticed my weight loss now and the usual negative feedbacks, that am gonna put all the weight back on as soon as i start eating n :blahblah::blahblah::blahblah:.
it does upset me but i put a brave face on and bite my tongue n just smile and dont say anything.
i even cried other day after some comments but i have a wondeful supportive hubby who talked me out of my tearful moment.
anyway, have a good evening all and happy slimmimg.
i raise my glass of cold sparkling water to us all being skinny n slim this summer :party0036::party0036:

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