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vague bad feelings, my head is strange


Tequila makes miaow happy
Why is it that even though I am losing - have re lost all of the holiday and christmas weight I gained (not that much actually - I was quite pleased!) and am lighter now than before the whole thing started, I am looking at how far I have to go and feeling low about getting there. I have a big holiday in May coming - to the place I got married near malta so it shoud be really special, and i want to look good this time! I know it is more than three months off, and that means possibly three stone but somehow I dont think i will lose that fast.

I have been working sizes out, and before I lost what is already gone i woud have said i was a 20/22, so now i am 18/20. This means that in four more stone i should be 14/16 and still overweight. The whole thing seems too big, whereas thoughts of myself a happy sixe 14 have previously made me feel great

What is wrong with my head? I cant put my finger on it - I go swimmingly for ages then a day like this. I have got a rotten cold too which probably isnt helping.

Oh no, now worst of all I have whined on so long you must all think I am a real moaner. I am sorry

By the way - the ticker doesnt show the real goal - I need another 10 kg on top to be healthy, but that is my holiday goal for May
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Hi Kikuka

I think what you are feeling is entirely natural, I know I found I would be going along merrily merrily and then all of a sudden would start having doubts, feeling like it was a mountain to climb, an impossible dream etc. All I can say is that these feelings did pass but it was tough when they hit. Don't look too far ahead just take it a day and a week at a time and let yourself be proud of what you have achieved so far.

Know how you feel - but I think Georgies advice is right - the only way is one day at a time.

Love your avatar by the way - what a monstrously big cat! Is it yours? I used to have a beautiful pure black cat the size of a labrador, called Alasdair - he was like the Beast of Bodmin Moor! I still miss him! Can we see a bigger pic pleeeaasse?

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