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perhaps book a trip away for later on in year when your at your goal ?


I will be skinny again!!!
Im the same Rosie... Im leaving it up to him to surprise me with something... So we will probably end up doing frig all!! lol
How funny Chelly. Last year was a disaster. He phoned me up at four and said when are you coming around? I was excited thinking bless he must have organised something.... I went round two hours later to find him asleep with my card still in its packaging on the floor!! I walked straight out again. It was our first Valentines day together and expected a little more fuss!
was with my kind of ex girlfriend now for like 2 and a half years

always made a bit of a fuss tbh

usually do the same thing though book a hotel for a couple of nights nice meal, champagne, a nice card and some chocolates
lol thanks

well you gotta try do something havent you its just a day to show your appreciation for eachother in my opinion


I will be skinny again!!!
lol rosie!!

Wait til you hear my valentines last year!!

Got a phone call at 5pm on valentines night... What do you want for valentines day? (that was annoying but i forgave it)

Got to his at about 6.30pm...
(bear in mind at this point we hadnt done the whole i love you thing yet so all of the following present show that he didnt look at anything he bought me)

A card that said i love you all the way arround it..
A tigger key ring and a tigger Teddy (I love Tigger, these bits were good)
A big Teddy holding a heart that says I love my gorgeous girlfriend (which is great now but not then, Although he redeemed himself on this bit by saying he just seen the gorgeous girlfriend bit)
And to top off the presents...
You know those little tiny teddies on a box holding a heart or something?
Well i got one of them.. And the heart said... Wait for it... No1 Mum!!!!!!

And then, he bought me a chinese... And put a Dvd on.. and then about 3 of his friends came round and sat with us the WHOLE night!!

How romantic :( :(
HA HA Brilliant! No. 1 Mum!! and DVD night with the boys!! I bet he thought he deserved it after going out and buying you a pressie!
I dare you buy him a teddy with no. 1 Dad on and then pat your stomach and say yes it's true!!


I will be skinny again!!!

I think he would have a heart attack!!

But im going to do it :D lol
OMG seriously please do this Chelly!! lol :D :D
My OH is way too practical to be romantic! ALthough ..... years and years ago before we were married and I was at uni for Valentines day he sent me a box with airholes in and a great big blue heffalump soft toy in it!!!! (Chelly will know about heffalumps being a Tigger fan!) The airholes were so the heffalump could breathe!!!! I thought how sweet - till he said it was the mad girl he worked with who insisted on the airholes!!!!!!! Oh well! This is the man who bought me "The Full Monty" DVD as a mothers day gift the day after I had given birth to our youngest!!

lookin forward to this valentines the first with my boyfriend booked a place for friday so we can wake up valentines mornin together NO kids yeah!

but then he said you do realise its friday the 13th wish us luck


I will be skinny again!!!
Awww cuddly that would be so cute if he had of actually thought of it!!
If i had of done something like is i would just get a tsssk... Your so imature lol!!
I love things like that though!!
HAHAHA Great film choice!!! Men really are great at picking presents, Although we dont help things along by saying we want a surprise if they ask us what we want lol!!
Aww a hotel would be lovely!! Were going to save up and go stay in a caslte thats been converted into a hotel in scotland in the summer time :)

I am sooo doing it!!
Im off on friday so going to get his presents then lol!!!

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