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Valentines Day...

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This morning I was in the card shop doing some last minute bits and bobs and saw this very very old man looking at Valentines Day cards. He was in the 'Wife' section and I just stood there watching him read through so many of these cards and shaking his head. He looked at me and said... when you have been with your partner as long as I have... no card in the world is good enough to describe how much love you have in your heart for them.

I told the man that I think he should buy a blank card from the back of the store so then he could write everything he wanted and it would be completely from the heart and it would mean more to his wife than any card he'd ever gotten her.

What the man said to me in the card shop really touched my heart. It is so heartwarming to meet people so old who are still so madly in love after so many years.

I just wanted to share this with you all because I really think it is so important to love, not only that but to love with your whole heart and to appreciate your loved ones for always being by your side.

To those who have already found their true love and to those just falling in love ... enjoy the moments you share together because nothing will ever be more perfect than this...

To the broken hearted... it is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines day xx
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Here we go again!
That's really lovely! My parents have been married for 43 years this year which I think is quite rare. They're the same as the old man in the shop and couldn't be parted.

Hope you have a lovely valentine's day.

I got home from work yesterday and my hubby had done the shopping and got me 12 red roses and placed them in a vase. He's so sweet and I consider myself very lucky to have him!
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awww your hubby is a darling..
thats so sweet about your parents. I hope Im still like that after that many years :)
Hope you have a lovely valentines day x
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5 years ... awwwwww...
this is our 3rd.. although first valentine was more like a teenage date at the arcades coz we'd only just started going out :)
You know what... I would have peaked.. checked the hiding place and had a good look when he wasnt around..! Im terrible for surprises!

You havent got him anything yet!!! Woman what are you waiting for!!!! Its tomorrow! Ive struggled like mad with what Ive got him.. but Ive been giving his over the past week or so... (sending him lil jigsaw pieces which when put together say.. you make me so happy) but he's so hopeless he's no where near solving it! And Ive made him a cd of all our songs with a little album booklet saying why each song reminds me of him... for the first time ever I havent spent much on his prezzies.. must have cost me £10 max...

If I think of any decent ideas for what you could get him.. I'll let u know x
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Aw, thats so sweet, it lovely to see people still very much in love after spending so long together.

I made my partner a card- just so I could write exactly what I wanted. As for the present, I've gone through all the pictures of us together, and put them in an album, with a little bit of writing about where we were at the time, who took the picture and when it was.

I'm hoping he'll like them... And I have no idea what I've got - I've snooped and haven't found anything! Chances are he's kept them at work, after all my snooping at christmas lol

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
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That made me feel all goey and tingly, how sweet. My hubby probably doesnt even know its valentines day. lol. I will have to remind him. xx


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That is really sweet and so true. My fiance and I are getting married in June and we have so much to pay for along with our honeymoon. Normally we would go out to dinner etc..but what with the diet and money etc.. we have decided not to exchange gifts. Instead I have written him a letter which is kind of like our love story, talking about our past (we have been together nearly 9 years). Our wedding will be the ultimate celebration of our love and we don't feel we need to give each other presents. I do feel blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life.
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that is such a lovely story and you are so right in what you say. this is mine and my boyf's fourth valentines and think its going to be really special. he was away last year so this year he says he has loadsa tricks up his sleeve.ive managed to guess half of them tho(im terrible) but he says hes taking me somewhere tomorrow and i have to be blind folded!!!im so excited..
you are right though, true love is the most special thing in the world.xxx
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oh bugger i need to get a card lol


I love my purdy shoes
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That story is so nice awww....It was my 4 year anniversary yesterday and I got nothing lol so i'm not holding my breath for valentines day. Although it's all the other days inbetween that count more than one day :D
How wonderful that the man feels that much love for his wife and still makes the effort. Well we have been together for 12 years and have only just got married in 2008. I have got to say he is a wonderful husband and hasn't forgot valantines day yet, mind you I always remind him 2 weeks before. He won't be able to buy me choccies this year. Happy Valantines everyone. Just think by next Valantines I will be a much lighter me.


I will be skinny again!!!
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awwwwwwwwwwwwww I would love something romantic!

My boyfriend sucks!!!

He still hasnt decided what to do tomorrow and wants to give me money to go buy my own present tomorrow
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What a sweet old man. My grandfather-in-law had been with his late wife for 75 years when she died 5 years ago, they were childhood sweethearts and he still misses her and gets upset on Valentine's day, their wedding anniversary and her birthday. My OH and I have been together since we were 16 and, except for the 4 years I was at uni, we have spent every Valentines day since together (more than 20 years now!) We are off for a romantic meal - without the children! - and, coz we spend so much time running the children around, I'm really looking forward to some "us" time.

I have a card for him and a couple of gifts - including a soppy romantic mug!!! He'll never use it but who cares!

Have a lovely day everyone.

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I have been with my fella for our 3rd valentine and to be honest he has never disappointed me once and even if he got me nothing spending the day with him is better than any presents as our time together is precious.

Nice thread fbtb - nice to know there is alot of love still left in the world.

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