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  1. boltonbabe

    boltonbabe Member

    Hi, i am currently following SW but im struggling with portion size ie lack of and syns of treats being so high. Anyhow i dont really want to pay for group as ive found with sw my nursing job means i can go for one week but say not the next two. Anyway my point being how good is the value diary app, i have heard about it but it sounds too good to be true ! or would you get the official app I have followed ww before so its not alien to me x
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  3. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    I use the value app and it is excellent, I really can't fault it. It will work out your pp allowance, you can weigh in and track food on it. Definitely worth it.

    Sarah x
  4. marooncat

    marooncat Full Member

    I have just moved over from SW as well and using the app fine. I think if you understand the "concept" of WW you will be fine with it.
  5. Maxamillion

    Maxamillion Full Member

    I love the value app it makes things so much easier for those that are starting weight watchers, or restarting in my case ;) So easy to follow and it gives you restaurant values too so a bargain as it's free to download .
  6. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    i highly rate the value app, does the job for a couple of quid! :)
  7. costaaddict

    costaaddict New Member

    Hi there where do I find the value app?
  8. costaaddict

    costaaddict New Member

    Hi there where do I find the value app? Thanks
  9. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    If you have iphone its in the app store just type in value diary in search bar
  10. Autumn500

    Autumn500 Silver Member

    I was looking at the statistics section of the app, hadn't looked before, but it tells you your average weekly loss to date and how much you'll need to lose each week to reach goal by your chosen date, it's nice to see it all laid out clearly, I love it
  11. costaaddict

    costaaddict New Member

  12. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Full Member

    I'm going to download that value app now girlies I'm an old ww girl
  13. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Full Member

    Hey I just downloaded it woop woop
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