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I posted last week, explaining that I’m starting CD tomorrow (seeing my CDC tonight!).

[FONT=&quot]Does everyone always have a variety of shakes and soups etc? I’m planning on making 2 out of 3 of my meals tetra bricks, as it’s going to be a pain in the arse making them at work otherwise. I know there’s not much choice, specially as I can;t stand vanilla flavoured stuff but I really don’t think it will bother me too much.

Will I have trouble convincing my CDC of this as well?

C xx

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You can choose whatever flavours you want. Prob best to try a few. I enjoyed soup to begin with and now cant take it at all. I have choc and choc mint shakes, choc tetras and choc, caramel and toffee bars.
Hiya. Ive always tried to have selection of shakes and soups but some weeks I really go off some then the next week Im fancying them again. The first week I LOVED the Oriental Chilli but since then, not had one at all!! I love the choc tetra, specially really chilled. Got a couple of banana ones to try this week. Not a big fan of banana stuff but who knows?!


This is the last time!!
I'm on week 3 now, first week I tried lots of flavours of shakes, of the ones i tried I actually only liked 3 flavours, so week 2 and again week 3 I got: Strawberry for breakfast, Vanilla for lunch and Mint Choc for tea! I save the Mint Choc one for last as I really do like it, and it leaves a pleasant taste in my mouth.
The soups do not appeal to me at all, I am funny with soup anyway, but the thought of them puts me right off!
I got 2 tetra's this week too as I am out on a trip on Sunday, I chose one of each flavour incase I don't like one!
Your CDC should provide you with whichever flavour you want (if they haven't got the one you want, they should order it in for you, as Cambridge stipulate that they should offer all flavours, or order in for you if they don't stock them).

My advice is to try any flavours you like the sound of....you might be surprised which ones you like, & it's best to try, so you know which you like.

I'm like the guys above....I stick with same flavours most of the time...chocolate mint, & chocolate are my fav's.

Good luck with the diet hun !!!
Get a variety pack to start with. It's all down to personal preference. I like strawberry, choco, banana and summer fruit shakes. I have mushroom, vegetable, leek/potato and mushroom soups with lots of pepper or chilli added. Like you i am at work all day so i have lots of water at breakfast time. When I get to work I have a choco tetra. At lunch I have a crunchy bar - peanut or cranberry are yum with a cup of coffee (with a dash of skimmed milk). At 5ish I have a nana tetra. I am an active bloke so have a shake or soup at supper time. All washed down with 4 to 5 liters of water - gulp!

After three or four days you settle down to losing weight and dont miss food too much

Go for it and watch those pounds fly off



please try again
well i met with one cdc who told me cd is sold in unopened boxes of 21 and her clients buy 4 -5 boxes at a time, errrr dont think so went and sorted out a different cdc isnted who will sell me what i like

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