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Varying group......

I have attended the same group since starting in September and only gone to the same consultants group if couldn't make it for any reason.
Although I like the C and the group I have felt lately it's got a bit boring...I even bore myself when am asked what have done etc as am doing the usual thing really and a lot of the others in the group are too, no disrespect.
The c mentioned last night something about one of the members has gone to a different group for a change of scene and it made me think maybe that would be a good idea and liven things up a bit for me!
Does anyone else do this and how do you find it?
I was strating to get to the point where was thinking theres not a lot of point in staying for group and then if Im not doing that theres no real point pying to get weighed! but I do think the stuff shared in group does inspire me realy and help me keep on track!
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Strutting her stuff
if it helps you stay on the wagon then it may be worth considering. but if you like your consultant but are just finding it a bit stale why not suggest some new ideas to her for brightening things up? Sometimes consultants don't realise that they have got into a rut and an injection of new energy can really pep things up. You could volunteer to lead on something new if she is reluctant.
I know I probably shouldn't as am paying for the group etc but would feel a bit rude doing that, but I think that a lot of the problem is that the group is shrinking and is proabbly about half what it was a month or so a go....wghich could mean that others are feeling the same way. I do like the C but then to be truthful I've only eer really gone to her group so don't really know what to compare it too!
Thanks for the suggestion I will think on!


Strutting her stuff
Maybe people are leaving for the same reason. You don't have to be blunt about it just say that "people you know do such and such at their group and find it really useful and motivational, could we maybe try it here and see how it goes" ... sort of thing.

There are a few threads here were people talkabout what goes on in their groups .. tasting sessions, quizzes, challenges, cookery demos, etc so there should be lots of inspiration

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