VAT question for other CDCs


Hi there, I am doing my accounts as I am looking at the VAT. In the automatic spreadsheet the formula is for example: =IF(H13="y",G13*7/47,0) and if you put in your values you don't get VAT at 17.5%, it's actually way under so now all my accounts are wrong and I don't know how to do this formula with the correct values.

Any ideas? I can do it manually (0.175 x the value of the goods) to find the VAT which is how I know but I don't want to do that all the time!! HELP!!:confused:
nah....but I'm just looking at the VAT when I'm doing the accounts using the spreadsheet we get with the business pack on the CD. Cause we get some of the VAT back don't we?:confused: plus I hate it when things are wrong......grrrrrr
Have just changed the formula to =IF(H13="y",G13*0.175,0) and so the VAT works out now to what it says on my invoices....just have to change it on each months spreadsheet now......:)

I don't 'do' sums either, just hate it when it's wrong!! I am so bad with counting as should see me trying to keep track of how many rations a client has picked....and forever asking, "how many of that one again?":rolleyes:
Yeah...I just use the one that came with the business pack...been merrily doing my accounts.....until now....flippin' VAT. Have changed all my spreadsheets now...of course it makes no difference to the final amounts, I'm just a fuss pot and want my VAT to be right and not look like a dip stick when some maths whizz points it out that I hadn't calculated VAT correctly!

Hrm....who do I email at CD to get them to fix the CD's they give out? :) am I just being totally anal here? I do a reciept form for every client, everytime, but I keep it and number it, and put it in the funny spreadsheet thingie......thought we had to do it for self assessment tax return or something uber important?:confused: