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Veg from Aldi


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chop them all up into chunks and roast with fry light and mixed herbs for about an hour at 200....delicious served with anything :D :D
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I make a nice butternut squash and chilli soup!

Sweet potatos are nice mashed with normal potato, they add a nice taste.

Peppers can go in to anything! Stir frys, soups and bolognaise are all good.

Roasted sweet potato is really nice, so is butternut squash. Chop in to chunks, roast with some onion quarters and garlic. Then either blend in to a lovely soup, or have as a side to sausages or chicken.

I'm hungry now!


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veg is all in the oven roasting at the moment - gonna add it to some pasta and enjoy. Thanks for all your ideas.


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Butternut squash is my favourite new thing since being on SW and I brought 8 last week from Aldi!

Someone at my class made BNS and sweet potato soup for the taster evening the other week, I think it was along the lines of 1 BNS chopped, some sweet potato chopped, 1 onion and some sweetcorn - chuck in a pan with some stock and some herbs and spices and simmer til all is cooked and then blitz. (Sorry it's not exact, I'm not a weigher and measurer when it comes to cooking, just bung it in and take it out when it looks cooked!)


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that sounds nice will have to go back to Aldi tmw and get another BNS!
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I cut loads of veg into cubes, add Garlic, Herbs & Chillies and season to taste. Spray with oil and Roast them at 190 to 200 for about 25 minutes, turning occasionally. You should get some colour onto them but don't burn them.

Make up 2 pints of Stock (I use Chicken Bovril but use what you like). Add the cooked veg to a Saucepan with the stock. Bring to the boil and then simmer for about 10 minutes.

Take off of the heat and allow to stand for a further 10 minutes. Liquidise everything with a hand liquidiser. The longer you liquidise it the smoother the soup.

Once you have made this once or twice you will know how much Chilli or Herbs to use.

I usually make a very large amount and make the soup really thick. I then freeze the soup into Aluminium Containers. When I defrost the container for eating I then add a similar amount of water to thin it a bit. This saves loads of space in the freezer and is just as good.

Cheers - Phil


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barefoot contessa on food channel made a fantastic butternut squash and sweet potato soup,

chop butternut squash and sweet potato (no need to peel, just wash potatoes put in roasting pan (she drizzled with oil but I spray with frylight and I also add some chilli flakes) roast .

when roasted blend with veg stock I use low salt stock


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I will often cut a BNS in half, frylight it and roast for half an hour then scrape the flesh out to make soup with. I hate peeling the damn things!


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I love butternut squash and either make it into a soup using the squash, an onion and some chicken stock.

OR if roasting I dont bother peeling as the skin goes soft anyway so just eat it
I made a buuternut squash and sweet potato curry for a tasting session at SW last night. It was very popular, I used blended mushy peas as the sauce.


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Butternut Squash

I like it roasted with courgette,red onion, cherry toms, peppers any other beg you have i roast it weth dried thyme and rosemary and spray with frylight when nice and charred I add to boiled or veg rice and some chicken my favourite way.I never peel the squash the skin is good to eat/


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With the sweet potatoes, i make a homemade salsa (chopped toms with some peppers and spices - chilli depends on how hot you want it) then microwave/oven pots, half, make into a boat type shape, fill with salsa, top with cheese and grill = gorgeous!

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