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  1. veggi

    veggi Member

    Hi All,

    I've never really used a forum before, and I've never really been on a diet before!
    I unfortunately experienced some trauma this time last year and used food to try and cope. It didn't work though, all that happened was I put on weight around my middle which blew my confidence even further. After dwelling on this for a few months, and getting Xmas out of the way I decided thatI need to lose this weight and constructively cope with my life, instead of eating something horribly unhealthy (and usually containing several or more servings) and then feelinge ven worse than before.

    My mum has been on SW for ages on and off, but committed to it about 2 years ago and has now reach her target weight. I noticed how fab she looked at Xmas and she seems more confident which makes me so happy :)

    She offered me one of her books (the new one, she is sticking to the old one for now as hse knows it well) andI've been doing it for about 5 days now. It's going well so far, but there are some challenges because I'm vegan.

    I ate quite nutritionally responsibly before starting SW, but tended to pig out on choccy etc with my partner. That's all stopped now and I've joined you all on this journey! Let's see where I get!
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  3. veggi

    veggi Member

    I haven't weighed myself! disaster! I thought I could just do it from looking at how much looser my trousers would be, but have since realised that the little wins are important too. I think I might have not noticed any improvement and then given up without weighing so I'm off to buy some scales tonight. Wouldn't have realised this without reading through everyone else stuff here on Minimins, so thanks for the inadvertent advice!
  4. keirasmummy

    keirasmummy Full Member

    Welcome :)
  5. BindiRott

    BindiRott Full Member

    Hi Veggi and a big warm :welcome:- I'm sure you will find inspiration and motivation to achieve your targets here on minimins - best of luck with your weight loss :fingerscrossed:
  6. Micci

    Micci Gold Member

    Hi, there are a few of us vegans here but as far as I know only two of us active at the moment. Welcome to minimins. I do SW from home atm but plan to go to a group very soon. I'm (temporarily I hope) disabled and need to find one with parking very close indeed as I can't walk far, need a chair and/or crutches.

    I think I have my recipies in the diary linked to in my sig, and have a more personal angst ridden one in the Silver Members section which you can access when you have 500 (??????) posts.

    SW is pretty easy as a vegan, once you get your head round the way the sytem works. You can have loads of the unsweetened almond milk I think almost a litre which is generous by any standards. I hope someone with more up to date info on this will give correct figures.

    You will presumably be doing green days so pulses, grains, spicesm stock cubes etc are unlimited. The Linda Mc C Rosemary and red onion sausages are vegan and a free food. I've a list of the syn values of the Redwood instant slice thingummise which I will did out for you.

    Anything you need to know, just shout out, every one here is so very helpful.

    Micci X
  7. Micci

    Micci Gold Member

    PS bread and houmous are my downfall, and the ASda dark chocolate spread. You can make houmous yourself that is a free food but it's not the same as store bought. Some people reckon adding a baked sweet potato to the mix of chickpeas, garlic and lemon juice helps, I've not tried that yet.
  8. Micci

    Micci Gold Member

    Hiya Veggi,

    last post from me, I'll leave you alone now ;) I am, by the way, sorry to hear that you had a traumatic time, I understand about over eating as a way of dealing with the feelings, I hope you are finding a way to live with the memories now without over eating. And getting support around the issue.

    Here are syn values of various Redwood foods, accurate as of last year and hopefully not changed.

    for my information, redwod syn values

    Cheatin' Rashers, Streaky Style, chilled, 115g pack 3½ 3½ 3½

    Tempeh Rashers, Meat Free, chilled, 120g pack 3 3 3

    Vegideli Organic Rashers, chilled, 115g pack 13½ 13½ 13½

    Cheatin' Beef Style Slices, chilled, 100g pack 8½ 8½ 8½

    Cheatin' Celebration Roast, 445g pack, chilled, 100g 5½ 5½ 5½

    Cheatin' Chicken Style Slices, chilled, 100g pack 5 5 5

    Cheatin' Chorizo Style Chunks, chilled, 150g pack 16½ 16½ 16½

    Cheatin' Garlic Sausage Style Slices, chilled, 100g pack 5 5 5

    Cheatin' Ham Style Slices, chilled, 100g pack 5 5 5

    Cheatin' Meat Free Hot Dogs, chilled, 50g each 3½ 3½ 3½

    Cheatin' Pepperoni Style Slices, chilled, 100g pack 7½ 7½ 7½

    Cheatin' Rashers, Streaky Style, chilled, 115g pack 3½ 3½ 3½

    Cheatin' Roast Beef, 390g pack, chilled, 100g 8½ 8½ 8½

    Cheatin' Roast Turkey, 390g pack, chilled, 100g 5½ 5½ 5½

    Cheatin' Turkey Style Slices, chilled, 100g pack 5½ 5½ 5½

    Vegideli Beanfeast Pate, chilled, 25g 3½ 3½ 3½

    Vegideli Organic Brussels Style Pate, chilled, 25g 3½ 3½ 3½
  9. veggi

    veggi Member

    Thank you everyone for you welcomes!
    The list of redwood products is very helpful, cheers. Packed lunches are sometimes a bit hard a as a vegan, I find, so being able to have a convenience food like slices and know how to count them will be great!
    I'm doing EE as the book my mum gave me only seems to have that in it. So I'm having one HEA one HEB, one third of my plate veggies and raw fruit plus 15 syns - I hope I'm doing it right!! Although I have to say I'm not sure I'll lose weight on it, seeing as I can eat so much, but I guess I'm not eating chocolate, cakes and bread (I love baking!). Or any tiramisu which always seemed to make an appearance when I was feeling low (the WHOLE tiramisu - none of that any more!)

    I'll be sure to share any good recipes I whip up in the recipe sub-forum :)
  10. Micci

    Micci Gold Member

    How is it going Veggie? You've gone a bit quiet. I had a go at a green day using Linda McC sausages, the Red Onion and Rosemary ones are free, but I find the Green days best as I like two lots of soya /almond milk and two HEXBs, I think your mum's book must have green days in it too but maybe she never learned how to use that part?

    Even if it's not going well, don't give up. Try posting a food diary and I'm sure some old hand will have a look at it for you.

    PS .... I know ALL about eating for emotional reasons, that's why I'm back here for my fourth time around. Ho hum ....

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