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Vegetable Soup - Good God!!!!!


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I really like it!!! Isn't it funny how everyone's tastes are SO different?!

Good luck with the porridge.
i think you need to a) mix it right and b) water it down a bit more. i always just use a spoon to mix it into a paste and gradually add the water after that.
The maple and pecan porridge was lovely, can't really handle the original flavour porridge without atleast 8 sweeteners! Tastes really salty to me, wasn't a fan of the Oriental Chilli soup either but managed to finish it.

Haven't tried the vegetable soup, I think I'm just going to stick solely to tetra's as when I'm in work I don't really have the facilities to make up shakes, so I find that I don't start having my first shake till atleast 4pm, sometimes later (not good!) but I do literally drink buckets of water during the day so I think that helps keep my mind off it.
i have to say i'm a soup fan, i've tried 4 of the flavours so far and i love them, chicken and mushroom, spicy tomato, vegetable and potato and leek, all yummy!
gonna have mushroom tonight i think then i've tried them all, not really keen on hot spicy stuff so havent tried the oriental chilli one


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I have mushroom soup love! Have at least one a day with some black pepper and a little tobasco sauce Nom! When I work in the evenings I use a smaller mug and split it into 3 serving to get me through the incredibly dull evening! I do like the chicken and mushroom one too but find I go through phases with it so don't tend to buy it that often! I've never really been a soup fan til I started the Cambridge so I'm quite picky and don't really like the others!


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Tbh I'm not sure how much I use! It's an average mug size and I just use a heaped table spoon of the soup powder and fill it up with water. It is obviously slightly weaker but by adding a couple drop of Tabasco and pepper it gives it enough flavour. At home I have a huge soup mug (about a pint and a half) and I usually fl that about three quarters full with a full sachets of soup :)

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