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Vegetarian breakfast ideas - please help!


S: 10st7.8lb C: 9st9.8lb G: 9st6.0lb BMI: 21.9 Loss: 0st12lb(8.12%)
Hi all,

I've been doing SW at home on and off for about 6 months now. When I started I managed to lose 7lbs in two weeks, so I'm keen to give it another go now to shift a little before my birthday.

Unfortunately, I'm really struggling this time round. I'm a vegetarian and have been since Easter, so i'm quite new to that, too! I've been living on beans and scrambled egg for breakfast and apples, grapes and houmous as snacks.

I like to save my HExB for dinner (I'll often have a wrap or tuna sandwich) so I don't want to be eating cereal or toast for my breakfast.

Can anybody recommend any alternative vegetarian breakfast ideas?

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I'm vegetarian too. I've also been struggling for breakfast. I used to have decaf coffee and use half hexb for one piece of 400g bread for toast leaving me the other half hexb for later. I would put 2syns peanut butter and banana on it and have sliced apple or satsuma aswell. Or i would just have a banana and satsuma and then have a good snack mid morning. Recently i have been struggling again so i talked to my consultant about doing green days again which gives me 2 hexb and 2 hexa which has helped muchly and i'm still losing which is good.


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image.jpeg Egg based brekkie is your friend!

This morning I had a mushroom omelette with 2 grilled tomatoes.

Have you tried a sweet omelette? My children call it fruit pizza....

Whisk up 2 eggs with a tablespoon sweetener and a bit of vanilla essence, then cook as you would an ordinary omelette.

When it's cooked turn out onto a plate and cover with a yoghurt. I used Danone light and free raspberry flavour. Then cover with your choice of fruit! It's absolutely delicious! This one has defrosted frozen raspberries (good because you get lots of juice too) fresh strawberries, kiwi and sliced Apple. It's amazing with peach or nectarine though!



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First time I did slimming world ( with a bit of success LOL) I was a vegetarian so I always did green days, I couldn't see the point of EE and depriving myself of two healthy extras, here are some of the breakfasts I had back then:

Weetabix with fruit
branflakes with fruit
all bran with fruit
porridge with guess? Yep fruit haha
mixed fruit salad with yoghurt and a hifi bar or alpen light bar crumbled and mixed in
Overnight oats (still one of my favourites - 35g oats, soaked overnight in fridge with yoghurt and fruit then I would drizzle 1 or 2 teaspoons of choc shot over the top in the morning).
Baked oats - 35g oats beat in some yoghurt and an egg and add flavourings, sweetner to taste (vanilla and cinnamon are nice), bake in oven for about 30 minutes I think, then I would have it cold the next morning with fruit and choc shot.
Cooked breakfast - eggs, Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary sausages, tomtaoes, beans, mushrooms
Omelette (I purchased an electric omelette maker - so easy) you could have mixed veg and mozzarella, or cheddar or any cheese really, maybe some quorn ham perhaps?
SW pancake (its actually a flat sweet omelette but still yummy) - beat two eggs, add a little milk, sweetner, flavourings - heat a frying pan, pour the mixture in and leave it until set on the underside, flip over for a few seconds then flip out onto a plate, fill one half with fruit, folder over other side of omelette serve with a dollop of greek yoghurt and choc shot.
SW pancakes No: 2 - everyone does these different but this is our I did mine - beat 2 eggs, some 0% fat greek yoghurt, 35g oats, sweetner, flavourings etc. Heat a frying pan, poor mixture into pan, leave to cook on the underside, then carefully flip over and cook that side, I think cut it into 4's leave the in fridge and have it the next morning with fruit, bit more greek yoghurt and more choc shot haha! I sometimes would have just two bits and then have the other two mid morning as its really filling.

I'm rejoining slimming world on Monday so glad I typed this up - gives me plenty of breakfast ideas myself!

Good luck x


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I still do red and green mainly and I'd support what Lydia says above. Linda McC red onion so smeary sausages it other low syn meat free products are great. I also go for a breakfast tray at weekends, put chopped onions, peppers, cherry toms, mushrooms , LMcC sausages, on a tray sprayed with fry light and season the abive with smoked paprika and other seasoning. Put in the oven , go back to bed with a coffee, 30-40 mins later it's ready. Add a fry light egg if you want.

I also like SW rosti really nice for brekkie. SW chips and left over jacket potatoes cut into wedges, seasoned, sprayed with fry light and grilled , these are wonderful, crispy and tasty.

I do have some photos on my diary if you want to look through it. On Green days you get 2 hex A and 2 Hex B as Lydia says. It works.

Good luck.


S: 10st7.8lb C: 9st9.8lb G: 9st6.0lb BMI: 21.9 Loss: 0st12lb(8.12%)
Thanks so much for all your ideas! I'm still stuck on eggs and beans at the mo as it's so filling but I'm going to try some of these ideas this week :)

I like to keep my HExB for lunch, otherwise I'm going to have to start asking for lunch ideas, too! (I'm the worst vege ever - not keen on fruit and can't stand salad!!)


S: 10st7.8lb C: 9st9.8lb G: 9st6.0lb BMI: 21.9 Loss: 0st12lb(8.12%)
Just seen my auto spelling above, so smeary sausages? They sound nice ! Red onion and rosemary sausages......how did that happen?

I love eggs and beans.....
Haha, I knew what you meant! I haven't tried those ones yet but I have heard good things - I've been waiting for some offers on LM!

Passion fruit

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Thought I'd bring this thread back with a lovely veggie breakfast I just made. I'm not doing SW but do incorporate some of its principles. This breakfast is fairly quick to make, I use a protein powder pancake mix but for SW you would make their egg recipe pancake which is free, egg and quark I think if I remember right.

And I use fat free Greek yoghurt and fat free fromage frais and I added 8g of white options hot chocolate, but I could have halved that, so I would say 5g which would be 1 syn I think as the 11g serving I remember being 2syns. You could replace the hot chocolate with tea, I just really fancied that this morning.

I also squirted a bit of zero sugar caramel sauce on but I sometimes have lemon juice, and it's alot better for you!

Macros: Kcal 341, 2.4g Fat, 42g Carbs, 37.8g Protein.