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Vegetarian but want to change to atkins.....help please!!!

Hello everyone, i'm on my fourth week on the cambridge diet soul source iv lost 12 pounds and i have 9 pounds to go to get to my ideal weight of 8 stone. My counsellor put me on ss+ but iv been skipping porrige and having like spinach and quorn sausages instead (quorn sausage only 60 calories!!) iv read one of the threads on the stages, not really got to grips with it yet will have to re-read, however i would not know what stage i would have to go on as i have only 9 pounds to go (because iv been eating this week like sausages etc i think 2moro will be like my reckoning if you know what i mean) to see if it has still worked or not. I have tried a ketostik and i am beige also, so not utterly convinced but i am really missing my food. Would anyone be able to suggest what stage for me to start on, the first i presume?? And any vegetarian alternatives???? I have been eating tofu, yummy!!! Thanks a lot xxxx
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Carpe diem, baby!
On atkins you don't count calories, not sure about vege alternatives, but tofu, tempeh and soy mince as well as some quorn products might be okay...you just have to watch you carbohydrate count on Atkins if being strict...think the sausages have some carbs in them not sure about the nuggets and the chicken style fillets, etc...also don't forget nuts and seeds...they can be used as snacks...but only in moderation because of the carbs some contain...a handful at a time or an amoutn like 15 almonds is ample...
Thanks for that so how many carbs do i start off with do you think?? and i have to be strict as i need to get this last bit of weight off!! Thankyou though!! x
that was great actually iv also just oredered a low carb for vegetarians cook book off of amazon for some ideas..... thanks x

that was a good post and some great links by flirty40GE, but I still think you'd struggle to do a Veggie version of Atkins personally. However i wish you all the luck you need.


Wannabe Lean!!!
My best friend is veggie and is also dieting, and she is becoming disheartened as she's not losing the same amount as I am, she looked into a veggie version of atkins but as she doesn't like a whole lot of the low carb veggies (she's a root veg kind of gal) she just couldn't do it. Hopefully if you're a bit more open with your tastes it could be doable but I think getting all the protein and fat might be difficult as too much cheese and the like could prevent the weight loss.
she is becoming disheartened as she's not losing the same amount as I am
But she is loosing though Rela?

If so maybe it is doable, just slower.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Yeah she loses but maybe 0.5-1lb per week, which would be fine normally I think if I was 'with' her if you see what I mean, but I'm losing 2-3lbs per week it just bums her out and she gives up. It depends on you patience threshold I suppose and how fast you want (or need) it to come off. I have zero patience LOL
I was happy loosing an average of 2lbs a week in OWL Rela, I could see that lovely downward trend on my weightloss spreadsheet. :D
donna, is your bmi still 22?

if so i dont think you should be doing ss+... you should be on the 810 plan if you are under bmi 25.

ask your cdc to explain this.

good luck with atkins, i love it as a permanent way of eating, but then i eat meat and its easy for me.

hope you find some good recipes xxx
I just bought a couple of book off of amazon and some of the veggie low carb meals look amazing!! I havent eaten eggs in over 10 years but figure i need to start, i have only 6 pounds now to lose so iv been thinking off upping my calorie intake but just scared of puttin it on, i went on a major binge the other night- all low carb stuff as id chucked everything naughty away but still i went on a major binge! I didnt know i should be on the 810 plan, since iv introduced food iv felt like stuffing my face must be psychological, been thinking of just starting the atkins instead of the 810 plan, still not sure, kinda messed up as i think moving fro another diet may make me put weight on????? Jim how many grams of carbs do you thin i should start off with if i have 8 pounds to lose as i need to get in to a habit of eating sensibly anyway and i know i cant start eating bread etc again as it is such a no no for me. Oh and i havent got much of a patience threshold but none the less i want to get it off and i want to keep it off- i think that is the most important thing to me.
Good luck there D&J, I'm pleased you managed to get a book
yeah they are great the recipe books i have still not s ure how much carbs i shoudl start of with, what do you think personally? xx
Well if your talking Induction then it would be 20 a day.

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