Vegetarian question on 790 plan!! harder to loose ???


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I have started on 790 this week and on my own scales (CD weigh in tomorrow) I have gone up :eek: .

I havent cheated and nothing has passed my lips that is not on the list.! its all being weighed.

Its got me wondering if its going to be harder for me to shift those last few pounds as a veggie!!

While distracting myself and avoiding the mince pies in the office today I have out of interest been looking into different carb contents on the foods I can have on the 790 plan.

I have been having mainly quorn (10oz a day split into 2 meals). Some days its been cottage cheese. Tofu I havent got any and can only get from one place and havent been able to get there.

Looking at the contents of Quorn

seems a lot of carbs !!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: especially when you compare it to say chicken/fish which is zero??

Tofu is not so bad on the carb content.

Cauldron Foods - Organic Tofu - Plain and Simple

I cant say for the cottage cheese I need to look at the tub! Will check later on.

So going on the fact that I have mainly had quorn this week and its higher in carb could this have an affect on stopping any weight loss as compared to someone who has eaten chicken/fish etc. ??

Or am I just clutching at straws. :p :D :D :D :D

Hope it makes sense what I am trying to say here!!

Deb x
Nope it will all be water because as soon as you eat your body retains water as it is unsure how much is needed to break down the food.

Therefore just hang in there and you will see it suddenly drop again.

Thanks M for reply. :)

Dont worry am not about to chuck the towel in. I am in this and determined to reach my goal and keep it off.

Thanks for the information re 'storing water' . Will see how things pan out in the long run. I realise my body is adjusting now to the extra foods and have got to give it time to get there.

Admittedly I have never really looked into what foods contain before so its interesting to see! and its making me think about foods and what I am going to be eating in the future. !! :D :D

Deb x